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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Children Little Museum - Weekend Snapshot #16

I was meeting friends in Kampong Glam for lunch when I passed by this shophouse. Started by 3 collectors, the exhibits in this museum are very interesting. It brought back memories of my childhood. Like children having found candy, Chris and I spent an hour in this museum playing with the displays and posing for silly photos!

The local readers might remember these toys from the good old days ......

Hello! Hello! Walkie-talkie made using condensed milk tins and a string!

Many families were poor in the old days, parents could not afford to buy toys for their kids. So the kids were creative and made their own toys to entertain themselves and others.

Handmade toys - boys made guns using chopsticks, and girls sew these little bags of filled with sand or beans called 'five-stones'.....

What is eastcoastlife peeping at? Porn movie!? Answer in the next post.

Entrance fee : S$2
Children Little Museum
40 Kandahar Street Singapore 198895
Kampong Glam

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