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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Historical European Swordmanship - WS #17

Look who I found in Singapore! Not Cosplay!

PHEMAS members in their Historical Kit

I was so sexcited excited when I was shown a photo of the men in Medieval gear. I attended the Martial Arts Day at a club just to see the guys from Pan-Historical European Martial Arts Society (PHEMAS Singapore) in action! This group of dedicated exponents are learning the Late Medieval Longsword techniques of Fiore di Liberi.

member practising in their standard kits with wasters

For a Beginner, he needs to get thin soled shoes, black pants, white T-shirts and 1600N Fencing Masks. He will be required to purchase a wooden waster first due its reduced cost and speed of delivery. He can use the basic Mk1 wooden stick until his waster arrives. A Longsword is required for training in Fiore at PHEMAS.

learn how to handle swords

When Christopher handed me his steel sword, it was so heavy! I doubt I could keep swinging it for 5 minutes. I would probably be stabbed to death before I could utter 'Oh my Gosh!'
You need lots of practice!

This art of swordsmanship was only taught to Noblemen in the past.

Christopher Blakey (center), President of PHEMAS and some of its members

Historical Kit is the gear that a Medieval knight or man-at-arms would have worn into combat.

Swordsmanship is a strong and extremely practical martial art. Members of PHEMAS learn as the historical masters taught, both for it's self defence value and it's value for its mental and physical discipline.

Wednesdays (7pm to 9pm)

Time : 5pm - 7pm (Advanced)
7pm - 9pm (Basic)
Fees : S$80 monthly
Venue : Eurasian Community House
139 Ceylon Rd, Joo Chiat

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