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Monday, March 31, 2008

Martial Arts Day '08 - WW

SAFRA Tampines held a Martial Arts Day '08 at its premises. I arrived after lunch and missed the Longsword demonstration by PHEMAS. What a bummer. I went specially for that. A boxing match was on so I sat down to watch.

a boxing match

I hate wrestling and boxing matches, they are such violent sports..... and it's so ironic that my Dad and father-in-law love watching these sports. I have to shut myself in my bedroom whenever the guys watch such matches at home.

I'm sporting when it comes to having fun but I hate sports. I don't enjoy watching matches or playing any ball except...... nvm. hahaha......

Watching a boxing or Muay Thai match live is so different. The spectators around me were screaming at the competitors to 'go for the blood'. I found myself drawn into it..... I too was shouting in the end! *gasp*

Muay Thai (Thai boxing)

I will never allow my son to take up boxing or Muay Thai. Whenever I see a fighter bleeding from the punches, I feel his pain too. Ouch! Jaymes is learning Ninjado, it's more for self-defence...... I don't think it's useful in a fight. :P


Learn self-defence when attacked, can you imagine girls doing this?

There will be lots of hair pulling and tearing of clothes. Guys would love to be spectators of girly fights...... hehehe.......

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