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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My First Trip

The said Genting Highland as "City in the cloud".

No kidding eh ?! See the picture ?

It is in the cloud.........


Truly Asia.

That’s make sense, coz there are three big races in Malaysia.

Malayans, Indians, and Chinese.

So…. by coming to Malaysia, you can enjoy and feel at least three different cultures in one place

In 2005, I had a chance to have holidays with mom

Actually we want to go to Singapore, but the cheapest way is using AirAsia.

Best airlines in south east asia (my opinion).

There was one hour delay, but it worth for the price we paid.

Landing in Kuala Lumpur than using bus to go to Singapore.

That way is cheaper and we have more places to see.

We landed at 14.00 Malaysia time.

In 2005, LCCT have operated yet .They still builds it I suppose.

The airport architecture is modern minimalist.

It’s large and very clean though I didn’t see the cleaning service.

After done with the custom (their service is fast and don’t ask many questions),

We’re looking for lunch.

The food court is in the different floor.

The food price is expensive (for me).

May be because the are working in airport. The food is similar with Indonesian food.

Only they have more various India food.

After got lunch, we use taxi to go to Genting Highland.

(first mistake, later I’ll tell you why).

We arrived in the afternoon.

The First world hotel is the cheapest hotel in Genting.

The receptionist like bank counters.

So many counters & officers to help us (around 30 -50 counters), yet we still need to queue.

(imagine how many guesses they have)

After we got a room,

We taking a bath than start to explore the complex.

Genting Highland popular with the casinos.

But I don’t understand about gamble, so I just look around.

My mom sleep in the room. She was tired.

First night in Malaysia, I spend it with explore the First Hotel complex.

Looks like mini Disney Land.

Lots of toys and games.

Ahhh….. before I forget.

In Genting, you will enjoy the fresh cold air.

The temperature is around 16 – 25 C degree.

It’s not air conditioner, but from the nature.

That’s what I love from Genting Highland……

Fresh air.

Well first day in Malaysia…….

then I’m going to bed.

Tell you again in the next article.

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