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Friday, March 28, 2008

Photo Hunt - Living the High Life in Singapore

Photo Hunt - High

A luxury mega yacht berthed at °15 Marina Club

Imagine a home with championship golf courses in your backyard and
a marina at your doorstep......... own a oceanfront luxury bungalow at Sentosa Cove!

Just a stone's throw away from your front lawn, enjoy high living on the high seas as the world-class °15 Marina Club’s 204 berths are designed to house mega yachts in sheltered waters. The $80 million club is poised to become the Monte Carlo of the East.


A wealthy client bought a house in Sentosa Cove and a luxury yacht. He invited us to dinner on his newly acquired toy. Envy was written all over my face.

Singapore Airlines first-class passengers receive Salvatore Ferragamo (His or Hers) toiletries and Givenchy pajamas.

He flies first-class on Singapore Airlines to Europe and saved his toiletry pouch to give to me. He also asked for a toiletry pouch for Ladies and many packets of high end tea bags for me. So sweet hor.

Tell myself after oooh-ings and aah-ings at his high end items : My feet must be firmly planted on the ground. *ties bricks to my feet*

In a time of affluence, 'keeping up with the Joneses' is going to create problems. Living within my means is not enough because it means I will spend what I earn. I have to live a lifestyle below my means instead.

Is it the high cost of living or the cost of high living that is leaving people breathless?'

You will Reap What You Sow.


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