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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Toys of Yesterday - Wordless Wednesday

These are toys that boys love to play many years ago. When I showed my brothers the photos taken at Children Little Museum, their eyes lit up.

My first brother was very playful when he was a boy. Every day after school, he would throw his school bag aside, quickly gulped down his lunch, grabbed his bag of 'treasures' (marbles, bottle caps, ice-cream sticks ..... etc) and ran out to meet his play friends. Only at dinner time, when I was told to bring him back, would he come home. Those were his carefree days. hehe.....

hand-made 'helicopter blades'

Battle of the Bottle-caps

Seeing the handkerchief toy gives me the shudders. The boys loved playing with it then. The girls would be screaming, crying and running for their lives!

How do you play with this? hehe......

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