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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Why rear a ghost ? The price to pay..... - Final

Where do the black magic practitioners get their foetuses?
Murder sites, accident sites and cemetery.

They used a particular type of wood to make a carving or a little coffin, chant and 'locked' the baby's spirit in it with a talisman. He sets up an altar and chant for 108 days.

If the child dies at a murder or accident site, he uses a bun or incense paper to soak up some of its blood to bring back. After 49 days of continuous chanting, he gets a new 'servant'.

To obtain a foetus who died in his mother's womb during birth is tough but it has been tried. He would also find out which cemetery has newly buried baby corpses and digs them out. Using a candle, he would roast the chin of the corpse to obtain 'corpse oil'. Then he uses this oil to make spells.

It's better to cremate your loved one's body so it doesn't get abused. And don't try to make your own 'ghost'.

Rearing a ghost could bring the owner fame and fortune. But there are many disadvantages, the stronger the 'ghost' becomes, the harder it is to control it. It turns round and bites back..... hard at its owner who usually dies at the hand of his little ghost. Getting rid of it is difficult too.

Why then do some people still want to rear one?

Because the lifetime of a person is very simple. He has only one life ....... depending on his luck, his fengshui, the good deeds his ancestors or he did and how well he did in school, either he does well this lifetime or he doesn't. (人的一生一命二运三风水,四积阴德,五读书. )

If a person reaches his 40 and realises his life is filled with failures, bad luck, poor fengshui, his ancestors did no good deeds in their lifetime, and he didn't have good grades in schools......, would he be willing to exchange 'die a terrible death' for 10 glorious years of fame and fortune? Many men would probably say YES.


After the Master had shown and explained the various types of black magic to me, we sat down to discuss my needs. Wing kept dissuading me by telling me 'to consider carefully and come back another day....'.

Finally it's time to know the most important part of the transaction.

How much?

This particular Master has a unique price for his every customer. Because he can have all the wealth he wants, he pooh-poohs at the mention of money.

The Master took his time to answer my question.... a long time in my opinion. He brushed his beard several times......, cleared his throat......., drank his tea....., arranged his clothes ...... and the things on his table. I was anticipating with abated breathe.......... At last....

"I want you."

*eyes wide open.... jaws drop...... collapsed*

The End.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Rearing a ghost 养小鬼 - WW

The next morning, after breakfast Master brought us to his 'work room'. It is a building by itself and heavily secured. When he pushed open the wooden door, I shudder as the cold hit me. It was not air-conditioned but it was cold in the room. Wing said a strong yin energy was present. (阴气太重) *goose pimples.... hair stood on ends*

arghhhh...... the smell! Gosh. What was that!? It's not foul-smelling but it was a smell that was not pleasant.

The whole room was filled with funny stuff. One side of the wall caught my attention. On rows and rows of shelves, were glass jars ....... I stood rooted to the ground.

O M G!!! Foetuses!

A bottle of foetus oil that you can find sold on the streets of Bangkok... don't buy!


Rearing a ghost is a Chinese practice but it has become very popular in Thailand and subsequently spread to South-east Asia. It originated from Yunnan and Sichuan provinces of Mainland China. In Thailand, this practice has incorporated some local Thai black magic and Indian black magic.

Rearing a ghost is actually controlling its spirit. Because of the extreme destruction it can cause to others and the one who practises it, most black magic practitioners would never touch it. I can only divulge a little of this practice here.

What type of people would rear these ghosts? Those who gain money and fame through dubious means. (偏门中五鬼行业的人 - 吃,喝,嫖,赌,诈)

They are professional gamblers, con artists, speculators, fortune tellers, politicians, vengeance seekers....... and a few entertainment artistes. Rearing a ghost to them is a big gamble which can pay off handsomely.

As more people travel to South-east Asia and China to work or do business, you have to be wary of the people. Be nice, you can never fathom what that friendly guy or lady would be thinking. How you behave in your country might be offensive to some here. And for the men (I warn every one of my male students and friends this.)...... always remember this :

Never antagonize a woman.
especially eastcoastlife... hehehe......

Don't say "I love you" to every girl you meet. Asian girls take it seriously.

To rear a ghost, a foetus is used in the ritual. A foetus which is aborted or died in the womb is fine, but the best would be one who died a violent death......, in an accident or murder. If it's a baby, it should not be more than 2 years old. All these foetuses will never be incarnated......
*cries for them*

Monday, April 28, 2008

Ritual to rid a Black Magic spell

A sickly Thai man laid writhing and groaning on the floor, clutching his stomach. He was drenched in perspiration, his tummy was bulging. Several Thai men tried to hold him but he was struggling hard.

The Master signalled to the men to hold him down and examined him. The sick man started yelling. The Master began chanting and beckoned to his men to get him some talisman. (I was told by Wing not to describe the ritual in detail, so censored. *apologetic smile*)

Wing, Pao and I were seated on the sick man's left side and suddenly he started to retch... and threw out a huge pool of blackish fluid. Shocked, I screamed and retreated to the wall. There was a horrible stench in the room, almost causing me to retch. When I glanced at the pool of fluid which was slowly spreading, I saw tiny objects moving..... Looking closer..... OMG!! They looked like worms and they seemed to be wriggling towards me! I tried to hide behind Wing. I must have turned pale and was trembling.....

The Master continued the ritual for a while and then spoke to the Thais. I was so sick I ran out to puke. Wing followed, concerned. He brought me some water and accompanied me back to the first room.

I kept wondering if the scene then was a show. What a co-incidence. Maybe the Master staged that. But how did the sick man kept so much foul-smelling liquid in his stomach? And the live, wriggling worms!? OMG! I just wanted to go back to Bangkok that evening.

Wing said we had to stay a night here as it was getting dark and too dangerous to travel. OMG! Stay in this freaking house for a night!? What's going to happen? *goose-pimples*

After the Thai visitors had left, we were shown to our bedrooms. I was too scared to sleep alone, I begged to sleep with in the same room as Wing (Gosh, first time I had to beg a man to sleep with me. kakaka....) and Pao. And Wing had to keep me company when I went to the toilet and bathroom. The house was too eerie, I could feel my hair standing on ends all throughout my stay.

We had dinner with the Master. It was simple Thai food and I kept eating vegetables. The Master pointed to a meat dish to me. I shook my head, wondering in my heart if it was human flesh. I jumped when the Master glared at me, it was as if he could read my thoughts. Meekly I took a piece of meat and shoved it into my mouth..... The whole night I couldn't sleep. There were so much weird noises......

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Peranakan Museum Opens with a Bang!! - Weekend Snapshot #21

I was very excited when the Peranakan Museum opens to the public. I'm thrilled to discover more of the fascinating world of Peranakans, their unique history, colourful fashion, distinctive traditions and aromatic cuisine.

On 26 April 2008, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong officially opened the Peranakan Museum, which houses some of the finest and most comprehensive Peranakan collection in displays that trace the main episodes of Peranakan life. It is the first in the world to explore Peranakan cultures in the former Straits Settlements of Singapore, Malacca and Penang and their links with other Peranakan communities in Southeast Asia.

A Peranakan wedding

First weekend (26-27 April) - Peranakan Heritage
Traditional Peranakan culture and food at the bazaar

Second weekend (3-4 May) - Family Fun Peranakan Style
Sing and dance along to Peranakan songs with your kids, pick up a new skill like speaking Baba Malay or get recipes from a Peranakan chef.

The Festival finale (10-11 May) - Peranakan Fusion, modern influences on Peranakan culture. Highlights of the festival - drama entitled “Babas and Nonyas - Live Drama in the Museum!” by Dick Lee and a fashion parade showcasing the Peranakan style of dressing.

“Junk To Jewels: The Things that Peranakans Value” - This exhibition brings together loans from more than 35 Peranakans featuring everyday objects as well as finely crafted heirlooms and works of art. There is a fascinating personal story behind each exhibit, which provides a glimpse into the world of today’s Peranakans.

The long queue to get into the museum!

Admission to the new Peranakan Museum and Opening Festival for the first weekend will be free, and at a special rate of $2 per person (adult or child) for the second and third weekends.


So make a date with the Museum and party like a Peranakan!

39 Armenian Street
Singapore 179941

Website www.peranakanmuseum.sg

PS - I got very sick while queuing to enter the museum, so I had to go home. I'll probably be down for a few days. :(

Lamongan theme park

Wisata Bahari Lamongan.
That is a theme park in Lamongan, East Java, Indonesia
This theme park is on the beach.
Yup, near the sea.
Only you can't surfing here.
The wave not so high, and to many corals.

Lamongan is 70 Km from Surabaya.
Takes around 1.5 - 2 hours to reach it from Surabaya using car with average speed 100km/h.
You can use bus from Bungurasih terminal, but I don't recommend it.
To dangerous in bus terminal.
Many pickpockets and robbers.

It's saver and faster if you rent a car.
From Surabaya you can use highway.
If you just landed in international airport, Juanda,
you can in from Waru gate and follow direction to Gresik / Tanjung Perak.
It takes about 1 hour before you exit from the highway in Manyar gate.
Don't exit from Gresik / Lamongan gate.
You can reach to theme park; but 1 hour longer.

After you exit from the highway,
follow the direction to "Wisata bahari Lamongan" or "PCL" (don't know what is it)
You can enjoy the view.
One of the interesting view is Pegunungan Kapur
The sign if you already near by the Wisata Bahari is; you will see ocean on the right.
If you saw it, then only about 500 m from the gate. Also on your right side.
The parking fee is Rp 2000 for car (in 2008)
We arrived on 11.00 am (wow, it's really hot here)
It's hot and humid. Almost the same in the Sentosa Island, Singapore

The entrance ticket has two prices.
You can choose it. Either you want to play the games or only walking around.
You can choose from the list. The different only for the games.

Because it's my second times go here and we brought eldery,
so we bought the cheap one. Rp 20.000 [Mon-Fri; weekend Rp30.000]
After all we don't want to play game. We want to enjoy the park and the view.

First stop; we are going to "the cat house".
Inside we can read all about cat.
The history, the species, their habit, etc.
Also, there is a lot of live cats.
Many kinds of theme.
Including cat that live in the cold weather. (they use air cond since Indonesia is very hot)
So you can watch their habit and take pictures.

Satisfied watching kute cats,
we continue our step.
Next we reach to the Ships and Shells gallery.
I like that place since it's cool and a lot of shells inside it.
I can watch and got a bit information about traditional ships in Indonesia.
They made it really good and detail. I admire it.
The most interest me is traditional ship from Majapahit kingdom.
They made it base on the relief in Borobudur temple.

Still in the same building, in the next room we can watch plenty kinds of shells.
They have a lot shells varians
Also their habitat and what make them very expensive.
Mostly shells from asia has an expencive price because of their beauty and rarely.

After cooling myself and finish admiring the shells,
we continue our walk.

Since it's free,
We are going to ghost house named "Sarang Bajak Laut" (means Pirates cave)
Imagine this; going to ghost house in the middle of the day.
After watch view moving dolls, we reach the exit.
My mother in law don't like it since it's dark and noisy for her.

From ghost house, we are going to Insectarium cave.
It show many kind of insects and where they live.
All of the already preserve.
The living only scorpions and snakes
The interest from this cave is, a chalk-cave.
Here's on of the view inside the cave

It's a natural cave.
The entrance is man made, but after walking down the stairs we are in the natural chalk-cave
Inside there's a small pool. I can't see what kind fish live in it.

Look...... the Lamongan Icon. Frog stone. Is it like a frog? Come and see yourself

After taking pictures; we are heading to........
it's not a movie; but honestly this is the icon of Wisata Bahari
It's a labyrinth, BUT.......
98 % you will wet after pass this labyrinth.
Yes, the garden it's like 'Alice In The Wonderland'.
The flowers is big. But..... carefull the flower is a gargoyle.
To make it more fun.... It's not every flower has the gargoyle.
Also from the grass and other hidden spots.
It's react base on our move. They hide the sensors perfectly.
Why I said 98% you are gonna wet?
Try to find the answer. It's fun.

After changing our cloths and dry ourselves;
we are having lunch.
Many kinds of Indonesian food or instant food.
The price is reasonable.
Since Lamongan famous for their soto, we bought it.
We want to know the original taste of soto lamongan. hahahahaha.....

Next we are heading to the beach.
You can play many kind of water sport.
banana boat, canoe,ski boat,fishing,etc.
Actually we have 15 minutes free for canoing; but it's too hot.
So we skip it.
We watch live seaturtle in the small pool (feel sorry for them. They are very dirty)

I'm tired, so I sleep in the swing onnthe beach under the big tree.
The air is cool. aaaahhhhhh........ much better than before.
My wife and her mom walk around.
about one hour they are back.

On the way to exit, we found Texas City.
Yup it's a cowboy area.
We can riding horse or rent a cart.
The course is near the beach.
We are just watch cause we are tired already.

Actually there's plenty of games such bumper cars,
jetcoaster, mini motorcross, go cart,rodeo,
bumper boat, and many of them.
But we don't have enough time.
May be next time we should have one nite here.
There's a nice hotel beside the park.
My friends said it's nice, and you can fishing too.
The view from hotel is very good.
Well......... next time.

Then we going home.
It's 15.oo.
Wow time run very fast.
But it's fun and they have a good facilities.
I just hope they can maintain it.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

ECL at ieat Makan Session

Joe grilling our chicken....

It's been a year since my last ieat Makan Session with the hao jiak (like to eat) doctor and his makan kakis, so I immediately signed up for the dinner without looking at the menu. Turns out we are sampling Thai food at Joe's Kitchen. Joe's from Esarn (North East region of Thailand), a former head chef at Parkway Thai, he married a Singaporean girl and decided to stay here. :)

45 people registered for this dinner which costs S$35 per person. I met my blogger friends keropokman and momo. Hubby and I were seated with liverpool, a food blogger called ladyironchef (Can you believe this? It's a guy!) and several food lovers. :)

Maybe our common interest is food, so we got along like old pals and were sharing our favourite food haunts.

The Thai dishes were not very impressive ..... to me. Except for the following few that I like - the Roasted Pork Collar (Awesome! It has a smokey taste.) You can taste prawn pieces in its Thot Man Goong (Prawn Cakes) which has a springy texture. I enjoyed eating the vermicilli in the Crab Baked Vermicilli, it absorbed the seasoning and there was a secret weapon at the bottom of the pot. Pork lard!! Not for the health conscious though. hehe....

Crab Baked Vermicilli

Have you tried Som Tom (green papaya salad) and Khai Yang (Thai grilled chicken) with Sticky Rice? It's my first time. I prefer the dishes on its own.

Yummy dessert - Thai Tapioca

Joe's Kitchen Blk 125,
Bukit Merah Lane 1
(Opp Alexandra Hospital)
11am to 3pm 5pm to 10pm
Tel : 62708484

Friday, April 25, 2008

Unique/ funny signs in Men's Toilets - PhotoHunt

My son took these signs in the Men's toilets.

This is found in the Men's Toilet of my house. hehe......

My son found this in the Men's Toilet of the Singapore Air Force. Hunks do this? I thought only women do it. hehe....

Thursday, April 24, 2008

In the Thai Black Magic Master's House

The Master lives in a simple wooden house. Wing told me a few prominent Thai politicians come to 'consult' him and so do many wealthy and famous people. I believe he commands high fees for his services but yet he's living so simply.

2 young Thai men came running out of the house to greet us and after Pao spoke to them, one ran back to the house while the other led us to a small room on the right of the house. There were no chairs, we sat on the floor. The room was kept simple and clean, I didn't see any idols or charms.

On a small low table on one side of the wall, there was a plate of jasmines and some burning incense. I tried to hold my breathe for as long as I could and then tried breathing through my mouth ..... Suddenly Wing thumped me on my back and laughingly told me to relax. "It's not poisonous!" he pointed to the burning incense. I looked so silly. hehehe.....

3 young ladies came in to serve us tea and snacks. Wing and Pao drank and ate .... I took the cup of tea and peered at it. It looked ordinary. Wing gave me a mildly quizzical glance, I lifted the cup and took a sip. Normal tea. hehehe....... I was thinking too much.

We waited for a while for the Master, Wing had described to me how the Master looked but I was still wondering if he looks anything like those portrayed on movies. Old, hideous looking, creepy......

Suddenly a white figure appeared at the doorway, making me jump. Wing and Pao were immediately on their knees and offering the Thai way of greeting. I quickly followed.

The Master was dressed in a white traditional long sleeved Thai shirt and trousers. He was short, stout, dark-skinned. He has a head of long curly hair and his face was half covered by a bushy beard. He has a pair of the most shining eyes I have ever seen! They seemed to pierce through my soul. *shudders*

Wing introduced me and he chatted with the Master in Thai with Pao helping him to translate occasionally. Then the Master turned to look at me and asked me some questions. Pao translated for us. We were discussing my case for some time when a young Thai man came running in to tell him something. The Master listened, barked some orders before getting to his feet and went off in a hurry.

I looked at Wing bewildered......, he got on his feet and said, "Come! Let's follow him."

I followed Wing and came to another room at the back of the house. The front of the house looked small but there were several extensions behind it. It resembles the ancient houses of the Chinese where there are many chambers.

There was a group of Thais with a sick man lying in the middle of the room....... an older Thai woman was wailing as she knelt in front of the Master, grabbing his trousers...............

............. to be continued

Next post - Read how the Master performed a ritual to rid a man of Black Magic
Next week : A Deadly Practice - Rearing a Ghost (养小鬼)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

ECL's search for Thai Black Magic Master

In the early year 2006, I went to Bangkok to meet a friend who is a freelance journalist from Hong Kong. I was going through Hell then with problems from the parents of some foreign students and the civil service. A threatening note I received in my mail box got me very mad. Someone threatened to harm my only son if I didn't stop my whistle-blowing to the VVIPs.

Knowing I'm against a great force, I had to do something. I need a greater force. Tapping on my extensive network, I did what I have to do. No alternative was too silly or crazy for me then. When you are desperate and fighting to survive, you do what you deem fit.

Wing does research on the supernatural and the unexplained in Asia. I heard him mention about a deadly Thai Black Magic Master he once interviewed. I told him my problems and after months of persuasion, he agreed to bring me to meet the Master.

9 am that morning, Wing came with a Thai guide called Pao to pick me up at my hotel. Pao drove and we travelled away from Bangkok for more than 5 hours.

We finally arrived at a secluded, wooded area. Our car winded through a not so frequently travelled dirt road. As we approached the house, I could feel the goose pimples surfacing on my hands..... and the roots of my hair tightening......

.......... to be continued


Black magic can be invoked to kill, injure, or cause destruction, or for personal gain without regard to harmful consequences to others.

I believe in Karma and I'm willing to pay for what I did. No normal person will take this course unless they are pushed to their limit. I want those people to burn in Hell with me!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Black Magic? ECL met an exorcist - WW

The raw egg yolk had a brown powdery stuff in it.....

An acquaintance had a heart attack and fell into a coma while on holiday in Singapore 2 weeks ago. He then suffered a stroke. His wife was so worried and she went to all the major temples in Singapore to pray for her husband's recovery. People started recommending her to mediums.

She was told her husband was possessed by a female ghost who wanted him to keep her company in the other world. When I heard that she was looking for an exorcist, I stepped in. I'm not a superstitious person and I can't stand people being conned, so I agreed to help the poor woman who by this time was at her wit's end.

Trust the resourceful ECL to get a task done. hehehe...... I found an exorcist in Singapore.

When I accompanied the lady to see the exorcist, I felt uncomfortable when I saw the idols he was worshipping on his altar. The place was really creepy.

The dowsing rods moved apart , slowly......

The exorcist who also reads fortune and practise fengshui, used a pair of dowsing rods to detect for ghosts. I sat by the side, back to the wall, as far away from him as possible. Pointing the dowsing rods at my friend, he claimed he saw an elderly lady with her hair up in a bun, and wearing a grey flowery blouse following her.

He took a raw egg and rolled it over her head and back. When he cracked it open, there was a brown powdery stuff in the yolk, not on. He broke the yolk..... I touched the brown stuff, feeling it between my fingers. Weird.... powdery...... joss stick ashes? arghhhh.... smelly! How did it get into the yolk? *still scratching my head after 2 weeks*

The exorcist then wanted to go to my friend's house to read its Fengshui and exorcise it. It costs a couple of thousand dollars for that. I had to make an excuse to drag the poor lady away. He could be doing more harm than good.........

Sorry for the blur photos. They were secretly taken with my HP. Funny, these were the best shots, the others have something like a white fog over the pictures. Probably the elderly lady ghost was floating to and fro in front of my hp. :P *shudders*

Monday, April 21, 2008

Mas Selamat's Escape : Amazing 11 minutes!

civil servant mentality : Ventilation window with handle sawn off

I was at the Parliamentary meeting this afternoon to listen to DPM and Minister for Home Affairs Wong Kan Seng's presentation of the Committee of Inquiry Findings on Mas Selamat's Escape.

My jaws dropped as I listened to the full details of Mas Selamat's escape, I find it so incredible and dramatic, just like in a movie. 11 minutes was all it took for Mas Selamat to escape via the toilet's ventilation window, which was not secured properly.

When I first heard of Mas Selamat's escape on the news, I was extremely shocked. How could this happen in Singapore? Well... it did and Mas Selamat has been on the run for more than 7 weeks now.

I don't doubt the credibility of this report. We do have civil servants who are that stupid in our various ministries. People who know me, know I hate our civil service where its staff have a typical civil servant mentality. It's over-confidence that leads to such complacency.

At a time like this, I doubt DPM Wong is running away, ducking or covering up this serious matter. It would have a detrimental effect on the security of Singapore. DPM Wong assured Singaporeans that disciplinary actions would be taken against not only the junior officers but to go up the chain of command and include the supervisory and management levels as well. There is a proper process for disciplinary action under civil service and Police Force rules and this must take its course.

I almost could not sit in the Parliament session this afternoon because I requested to "sit in the public gallery facing PM Lee Hsien Loong". A young Chinese Cisco guard shook his hands at his Malay colleague when he heard my request. The Malay Cisco guard then told me, "The public gallery is full."

I was stunned because I noticed that the the box holding Identity Cards was half empty. I asked him, "Are you sure? The whole gallery? What about the other side?" He replied,"All full."

When I started to protest, a senior Malay Parliament staff stepped forward and said,"May I look at your attire, Mdm? ...... Sorry, you cannot go in because you are not properly dressed. You are wearing track pants."

I argued that I had entered Parliament twice in this same pair of track pants but he brushed that aside as "probably they overlooked" and then ignored me.

Undaunted, I went to Peninsula Plaza to buy a pair of long pants, changed into them and went back to Parliament again. I was given a pass. When I entered the public gallery, I discovered that it was quite empty.

I'm annoyed that the Malay Cisco guard lied to me. If I wasn't allowed to pick and choose my seat, he could have told me so. If it is due to security reasons, he could have been frank with me. I made time to attend today's Parliament session but was denied entry for no apparent reason. This again is civil servant mentality at work.

10) What is the acceptable dress code? Visitors are requested to dress modestly and not to come in shorts, jeans, round-neck T-shirts or slippers.

Forgot to publish this but this was included in my email to Parliament Secretariat on 22/4/08, it has yet to reply :

A Japanese visitor who was sitting on my left, wore a golf T-shirt and a pair of golf pants with red lines running down the sides. Isn't that sports attire?

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Go Green on Earth Day 2008 - Weekend Snapshot #20

I was at a mall and there was an exhibition teaching kids the ways to go Green. They were having fun making eco-friendly crafts and taking part in various activities.

A contest was held to find the best designed recycle bag.

Global warming is our most urgent environmental problem. Earth Day is a special day to learn about our planet and how to take care of it! It is celebrated on April 22 annually by many countries around the world.

To celebrate Earth Day in Singapore, more than 10 companies, schools and organisations will pitch in to plant some 790 trees in various parks, nature reserves and park connectors across the island.

A talented little girl taking part in a painting activity.

People all over the world know that there are problems we need to work on and this is our special day to look at the planet and see what needs changing. Our planet needs a little TLC.

Reuse. Reduce. Recycle.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Lucky Thirteen - PhotoHunt

Friday the thirteenth is considered the unluckiest of days. It happens once a year. This year, it will be in June. There is an irrational fear of the number 13.

The fear of the number thirteen is very powerful in the real estate sector, many high-rise buildings lack a 13th floor. Many airports skip the 13th gate. Hospitals and hotels regularly have no room number 13.

Despite the fact that many people consider the number 13 to be unlucky, for many South-east Asian Chinese it is considered a specifically auspicious number.

Pronounce in Cantonese, it means 'definitely can survive (anything)'. hehe.....

I like auspicious numbers but am not superstitious. My hubby once drove a car with the number plate 174 for 6 years. It means 'to die together'. We are still alive. *smiles*

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Beware of bogus Fengshui Masters

I may be willing to try many things but I didn't turn fengshui master. hehe.... I was offered a chance to learn the craft from a top master because I learn fast and possess the gift of the gab. duh.

A few days ago, a foreign acquaintance of mine has a heart attack and subsequently suffered a stroke while in Singapore. His wife was so distressed and didn't know what to do. I was approached to help and have been busy seeing to their needs, contacting top specialists and making arrangements for their friends and relatives to fly to Singapore to visit them.

The wife was so desperate to seek treatment for her husband that she was willing to try anything. One of her friends suggested her husband was possessed by evil spirits and she turned berserk, praying at every major temple and visiting bomohs
(mediums). I even had to accompany her on one trip to consult an exorcist! Will write about that experience next week. :)

Seeing her in such pain, I have to step in. I contacted my own Fengshui Master who is honest, reliable and knowledgeable. Although he cannot perform miracles but his help is reassuring to a person on the brink of breakdown.

The Master was called in to see to the fengshui of their house. Whatever changes need to be made will be done immediately so her husband can come home to a place filled with good qi (energy).

Please do find a good Master if you want to seek advice on fengshui, there are too many bogus masters who would do more harm than good.
Don't associate Fengshui with superstitious beliefs. Fengshui has some medical and psychological elements to it too.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bedroom Fengshui for Singles - WW

For singles - Don't do these in your bedroom if you hope to get married .

Not having your bed frame against a wall. It is crucial to have a support while you sleep.

A bedroom shouldn't be dim or damp. Not only is it not good for your health, you might become reclusive and not want to meet people.

Don't sleep on double-decker bed. If you sleep on the upper bunk, you are too close to the ceiling. There seems to be an invisible pressure upon you even if you sleep on the lower bunk..

You can only display fresh flowers in the bedroom, no potted plants. No fish tank too.

By displaying a mirror in a slanted manner, you might not want to consider marriage over time.

Humans just love to buy or collect stuff, it's a bad habit. You shouldn't keep too much clutter under the bed, gradually you will 'absorb' the bad qi (energy) and it will not be easy to meet the man of your dreams.

Third day

Third day,

This is the last day in Malaysia. 11.00 am I'm going to Singapore by bus.
There's a bus station in the First World Hotel.
So on the first day we arrived in the hotel,
I already bought tickets to Singapore.

So today I wake up a bit late.
Checking our luggage.
After all check,
We go down for breakfast.
After breakfast we walk around to enjoy the place before we leaving.
never now when I'm going back.

10.00 am we back to the room to get our luggage.
Then we wait in the station, near the lobby.
The bus is ready, but I rather to stay outside.
want to enjoy the fresh air.
but I already put our luggage in the bus.

I'm lucky.
We got seat right behind the driver.
I always enjoy the view from bus.
I also like to drive.
From my seat I can enjoy the view.
The road is wide.
there is copra field on our left-right.
The weather is not cool anymore.

After 30 minutes,
we stop for awhile.
It's a souvenir shop.
Near main road, and there's jungle behind it.
The sell some souvenirs in central market.
But I forgot, which one cheaper.
There's many kinds traditional snacks and branded snack.
We stop only 10 - 15 minutes.
Most of the passengers stay in the bus.
Then we continue the trip.
I was curious; what kind of view I'll going through.

We're not going to KL.
We're in into highway.
I like it, coz there is no jam.

After 1 hour in the hilly road,
the road is strait. No corner.
The bus already in the maximum speed they allowed. 90 km/h
Shortly I'm getting boring.
The same view ( kelapa sawit trees), the road only strait a head.
Nothing special.
Then I decided to sleep.
better keep my energy.

The trip take 6 hours.
I don't know how long I slept.
The bus is very comfortable, I can streching my legs.
I don't have this experience in Indonesia.

We stop again in Johor Baru, city border before we reach Singapore.
We stop in the restaurant.
Mom ask me if I'm hungry.
I saw the menu they have, then I decide not to buy anything.
I'm not in the mood to try food.
And the place is not representative.

We stop for 30 minutes.
We are in the bus for another 30 minutes, the we reach the border.
All the passangers and luggages are putting out of the bus for customs check.
The custom work fast and efficient.
The check all the luggage through X-ray detector.Don't need to waste time to open one by one.
After that, we getting on the bus again,
and in 30 minutes we already arrive in the last halte.

that's end my first trip in Malaysia

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - Fengshui saves Mall

Regular travellers to Bangkok would know the former World Trade Centre Building. It wasn't bringing in the crowds until it underwent a major renovation some time back.

It changed its name to Central World and you probably would have noticed this sharp structure protruding from the middle of the building. That's a fascinating Fengshui move.

Directly opposite the building is a hotel, shaped like a sword. The owners of WTC Centre believe that the poor business in the past was due to this 'vicious sword' slicing their building into two.

Amazingly, after putting in the sharp structure to counter the negative qi (energy), the mall began seeing more human traffic and prosperity for all the occupants!

Fengshui is an ancient Chinese practice to help one improve life by receiving positive energy through the Laws of Heaven and Earth. It is a profound subject that has fascinated many.