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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Black Magic? ECL met an exorcist - WW

The raw egg yolk had a brown powdery stuff in it.....

An acquaintance had a heart attack and fell into a coma while on holiday in Singapore 2 weeks ago. He then suffered a stroke. His wife was so worried and she went to all the major temples in Singapore to pray for her husband's recovery. People started recommending her to mediums.

She was told her husband was possessed by a female ghost who wanted him to keep her company in the other world. When I heard that she was looking for an exorcist, I stepped in. I'm not a superstitious person and I can't stand people being conned, so I agreed to help the poor woman who by this time was at her wit's end.

Trust the resourceful ECL to get a task done. hehehe...... I found an exorcist in Singapore.

When I accompanied the lady to see the exorcist, I felt uncomfortable when I saw the idols he was worshipping on his altar. The place was really creepy.

The dowsing rods moved apart , slowly......

The exorcist who also reads fortune and practise fengshui, used a pair of dowsing rods to detect for ghosts. I sat by the side, back to the wall, as far away from him as possible. Pointing the dowsing rods at my friend, he claimed he saw an elderly lady with her hair up in a bun, and wearing a grey flowery blouse following her.

He took a raw egg and rolled it over her head and back. When he cracked it open, there was a brown powdery stuff in the yolk, not on. He broke the yolk..... I touched the brown stuff, feeling it between my fingers. Weird.... powdery...... joss stick ashes? arghhhh.... smelly! How did it get into the yolk? *still scratching my head after 2 weeks*

The exorcist then wanted to go to my friend's house to read its Fengshui and exorcise it. It costs a couple of thousand dollars for that. I had to make an excuse to drag the poor lady away. He could be doing more harm than good.........

Sorry for the blur photos. They were secretly taken with my HP. Funny, these were the best shots, the others have something like a white fog over the pictures. Probably the elderly lady ghost was floating to and fro in front of my hp. :P *shudders*

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