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Saturday, April 26, 2008

ECL at ieat Makan Session

Joe grilling our chicken....

It's been a year since my last ieat Makan Session with the hao jiak (like to eat) doctor and his makan kakis, so I immediately signed up for the dinner without looking at the menu. Turns out we are sampling Thai food at Joe's Kitchen. Joe's from Esarn (North East region of Thailand), a former head chef at Parkway Thai, he married a Singaporean girl and decided to stay here. :)

45 people registered for this dinner which costs S$35 per person. I met my blogger friends keropokman and momo. Hubby and I were seated with liverpool, a food blogger called ladyironchef (Can you believe this? It's a guy!) and several food lovers. :)

Maybe our common interest is food, so we got along like old pals and were sharing our favourite food haunts.

The Thai dishes were not very impressive ..... to me. Except for the following few that I like - the Roasted Pork Collar (Awesome! It has a smokey taste.) You can taste prawn pieces in its Thot Man Goong (Prawn Cakes) which has a springy texture. I enjoyed eating the vermicilli in the Crab Baked Vermicilli, it absorbed the seasoning and there was a secret weapon at the bottom of the pot. Pork lard!! Not for the health conscious though. hehe....

Crab Baked Vermicilli

Have you tried Som Tom (green papaya salad) and Khai Yang (Thai grilled chicken) with Sticky Rice? It's my first time. I prefer the dishes on its own.

Yummy dessert - Thai Tapioca

Joe's Kitchen Blk 125,
Bukit Merah Lane 1
(Opp Alexandra Hospital)
11am to 3pm 5pm to 10pm
Tel : 62708484

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