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Thursday, April 24, 2008

In the Thai Black Magic Master's House

The Master lives in a simple wooden house. Wing told me a few prominent Thai politicians come to 'consult' him and so do many wealthy and famous people. I believe he commands high fees for his services but yet he's living so simply.

2 young Thai men came running out of the house to greet us and after Pao spoke to them, one ran back to the house while the other led us to a small room on the right of the house. There were no chairs, we sat on the floor. The room was kept simple and clean, I didn't see any idols or charms.

On a small low table on one side of the wall, there was a plate of jasmines and some burning incense. I tried to hold my breathe for as long as I could and then tried breathing through my mouth ..... Suddenly Wing thumped me on my back and laughingly told me to relax. "It's not poisonous!" he pointed to the burning incense. I looked so silly. hehehe.....

3 young ladies came in to serve us tea and snacks. Wing and Pao drank and ate .... I took the cup of tea and peered at it. It looked ordinary. Wing gave me a mildly quizzical glance, I lifted the cup and took a sip. Normal tea. hehehe....... I was thinking too much.

We waited for a while for the Master, Wing had described to me how the Master looked but I was still wondering if he looks anything like those portrayed on movies. Old, hideous looking, creepy......

Suddenly a white figure appeared at the doorway, making me jump. Wing and Pao were immediately on their knees and offering the Thai way of greeting. I quickly followed.

The Master was dressed in a white traditional long sleeved Thai shirt and trousers. He was short, stout, dark-skinned. He has a head of long curly hair and his face was half covered by a bushy beard. He has a pair of the most shining eyes I have ever seen! They seemed to pierce through my soul. *shudders*

Wing introduced me and he chatted with the Master in Thai with Pao helping him to translate occasionally. Then the Master turned to look at me and asked me some questions. Pao translated for us. We were discussing my case for some time when a young Thai man came running in to tell him something. The Master listened, barked some orders before getting to his feet and went off in a hurry.

I looked at Wing bewildered......, he got on his feet and said, "Come! Let's follow him."

I followed Wing and came to another room at the back of the house. The front of the house looked small but there were several extensions behind it. It resembles the ancient houses of the Chinese where there are many chambers.

There was a group of Thais with a sick man lying in the middle of the room....... an older Thai woman was wailing as she knelt in front of the Master, grabbing his trousers...............

............. to be continued

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