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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Lamongan theme park

Wisata Bahari Lamongan.
That is a theme park in Lamongan, East Java, Indonesia
This theme park is on the beach.
Yup, near the sea.
Only you can't surfing here.
The wave not so high, and to many corals.

Lamongan is 70 Km from Surabaya.
Takes around 1.5 - 2 hours to reach it from Surabaya using car with average speed 100km/h.
You can use bus from Bungurasih terminal, but I don't recommend it.
To dangerous in bus terminal.
Many pickpockets and robbers.

It's saver and faster if you rent a car.
From Surabaya you can use highway.
If you just landed in international airport, Juanda,
you can in from Waru gate and follow direction to Gresik / Tanjung Perak.
It takes about 1 hour before you exit from the highway in Manyar gate.
Don't exit from Gresik / Lamongan gate.
You can reach to theme park; but 1 hour longer.

After you exit from the highway,
follow the direction to "Wisata bahari Lamongan" or "PCL" (don't know what is it)
You can enjoy the view.
One of the interesting view is Pegunungan Kapur
The sign if you already near by the Wisata Bahari is; you will see ocean on the right.
If you saw it, then only about 500 m from the gate. Also on your right side.
The parking fee is Rp 2000 for car (in 2008)
We arrived on 11.00 am (wow, it's really hot here)
It's hot and humid. Almost the same in the Sentosa Island, Singapore

The entrance ticket has two prices.
You can choose it. Either you want to play the games or only walking around.
You can choose from the list. The different only for the games.

Because it's my second times go here and we brought eldery,
so we bought the cheap one. Rp 20.000 [Mon-Fri; weekend Rp30.000]
After all we don't want to play game. We want to enjoy the park and the view.

First stop; we are going to "the cat house".
Inside we can read all about cat.
The history, the species, their habit, etc.
Also, there is a lot of live cats.
Many kinds of theme.
Including cat that live in the cold weather. (they use air cond since Indonesia is very hot)
So you can watch their habit and take pictures.

Satisfied watching kute cats,
we continue our step.
Next we reach to the Ships and Shells gallery.
I like that place since it's cool and a lot of shells inside it.
I can watch and got a bit information about traditional ships in Indonesia.
They made it really good and detail. I admire it.
The most interest me is traditional ship from Majapahit kingdom.
They made it base on the relief in Borobudur temple.

Still in the same building, in the next room we can watch plenty kinds of shells.
They have a lot shells varians
Also their habitat and what make them very expensive.
Mostly shells from asia has an expencive price because of their beauty and rarely.

After cooling myself and finish admiring the shells,
we continue our walk.

Since it's free,
We are going to ghost house named "Sarang Bajak Laut" (means Pirates cave)
Imagine this; going to ghost house in the middle of the day.
After watch view moving dolls, we reach the exit.
My mother in law don't like it since it's dark and noisy for her.

From ghost house, we are going to Insectarium cave.
It show many kind of insects and where they live.
All of the already preserve.
The living only scorpions and snakes
The interest from this cave is, a chalk-cave.
Here's on of the view inside the cave

It's a natural cave.
The entrance is man made, but after walking down the stairs we are in the natural chalk-cave
Inside there's a small pool. I can't see what kind fish live in it.

Look...... the Lamongan Icon. Frog stone. Is it like a frog? Come and see yourself

After taking pictures; we are heading to........
it's not a movie; but honestly this is the icon of Wisata Bahari
It's a labyrinth, BUT.......
98 % you will wet after pass this labyrinth.
Yes, the garden it's like 'Alice In The Wonderland'.
The flowers is big. But..... carefull the flower is a gargoyle.
To make it more fun.... It's not every flower has the gargoyle.
Also from the grass and other hidden spots.
It's react base on our move. They hide the sensors perfectly.
Why I said 98% you are gonna wet?
Try to find the answer. It's fun.

After changing our cloths and dry ourselves;
we are having lunch.
Many kinds of Indonesian food or instant food.
The price is reasonable.
Since Lamongan famous for their soto, we bought it.
We want to know the original taste of soto lamongan. hahahahaha.....

Next we are heading to the beach.
You can play many kind of water sport.
banana boat, canoe,ski boat,fishing,etc.
Actually we have 15 minutes free for canoing; but it's too hot.
So we skip it.
We watch live seaturtle in the small pool (feel sorry for them. They are very dirty)

I'm tired, so I sleep in the swing onnthe beach under the big tree.
The air is cool. aaaahhhhhh........ much better than before.
My wife and her mom walk around.
about one hour they are back.

On the way to exit, we found Texas City.
Yup it's a cowboy area.
We can riding horse or rent a cart.
The course is near the beach.
We are just watch cause we are tired already.

Actually there's plenty of games such bumper cars,
jetcoaster, mini motorcross, go cart,rodeo,
bumper boat, and many of them.
But we don't have enough time.
May be next time we should have one nite here.
There's a nice hotel beside the park.
My friends said it's nice, and you can fishing too.
The view from hotel is very good.
Well......... next time.

Then we going home.
It's 15.oo.
Wow time run very fast.
But it's fun and they have a good facilities.
I just hope they can maintain it.

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