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Friday, April 18, 2008

Lucky Thirteen - PhotoHunt

Friday the thirteenth is considered the unluckiest of days. It happens once a year. This year, it will be in June. There is an irrational fear of the number 13.

The fear of the number thirteen is very powerful in the real estate sector, many high-rise buildings lack a 13th floor. Many airports skip the 13th gate. Hospitals and hotels regularly have no room number 13.

Despite the fact that many people consider the number 13 to be unlucky, for many South-east Asian Chinese it is considered a specifically auspicious number.

Pronounce in Cantonese, it means 'definitely can survive (anything)'. hehe.....

I like auspicious numbers but am not superstitious. My hubby once drove a car with the number plate 174 for 6 years. It means 'to die together'. We are still alive. *smiles*

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