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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Rearing a ghost 养小鬼 - WW

The next morning, after breakfast Master brought us to his 'work room'. It is a building by itself and heavily secured. When he pushed open the wooden door, I shudder as the cold hit me. It was not air-conditioned but it was cold in the room. Wing said a strong yin energy was present. (阴气太重) *goose pimples.... hair stood on ends*

arghhhh...... the smell! Gosh. What was that!? It's not foul-smelling but it was a smell that was not pleasant.

The whole room was filled with funny stuff. One side of the wall caught my attention. On rows and rows of shelves, were glass jars ....... I stood rooted to the ground.

O M G!!! Foetuses!

A bottle of foetus oil that you can find sold on the streets of Bangkok... don't buy!


Rearing a ghost is a Chinese practice but it has become very popular in Thailand and subsequently spread to South-east Asia. It originated from Yunnan and Sichuan provinces of Mainland China. In Thailand, this practice has incorporated some local Thai black magic and Indian black magic.

Rearing a ghost is actually controlling its spirit. Because of the extreme destruction it can cause to others and the one who practises it, most black magic practitioners would never touch it. I can only divulge a little of this practice here.

What type of people would rear these ghosts? Those who gain money and fame through dubious means. (偏门中五鬼行业的人 - 吃,喝,嫖,赌,诈)

They are professional gamblers, con artists, speculators, fortune tellers, politicians, vengeance seekers....... and a few entertainment artistes. Rearing a ghost to them is a big gamble which can pay off handsomely.

As more people travel to South-east Asia and China to work or do business, you have to be wary of the people. Be nice, you can never fathom what that friendly guy or lady would be thinking. How you behave in your country might be offensive to some here. And for the men (I warn every one of my male students and friends this.)...... always remember this :

Never antagonize a woman.
especially eastcoastlife... hehehe......

Don't say "I love you" to every girl you meet. Asian girls take it seriously.

To rear a ghost, a foetus is used in the ritual. A foetus which is aborted or died in the womb is fine, but the best would be one who died a violent death......, in an accident or murder. If it's a baby, it should not be more than 2 years old. All these foetuses will never be incarnated......
*cries for them*

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