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Monday, April 28, 2008

Ritual to rid a Black Magic spell

A sickly Thai man laid writhing and groaning on the floor, clutching his stomach. He was drenched in perspiration, his tummy was bulging. Several Thai men tried to hold him but he was struggling hard.

The Master signalled to the men to hold him down and examined him. The sick man started yelling. The Master began chanting and beckoned to his men to get him some talisman. (I was told by Wing not to describe the ritual in detail, so censored. *apologetic smile*)

Wing, Pao and I were seated on the sick man's left side and suddenly he started to retch... and threw out a huge pool of blackish fluid. Shocked, I screamed and retreated to the wall. There was a horrible stench in the room, almost causing me to retch. When I glanced at the pool of fluid which was slowly spreading, I saw tiny objects moving..... Looking closer..... OMG!! They looked like worms and they seemed to be wriggling towards me! I tried to hide behind Wing. I must have turned pale and was trembling.....

The Master continued the ritual for a while and then spoke to the Thais. I was so sick I ran out to puke. Wing followed, concerned. He brought me some water and accompanied me back to the first room.

I kept wondering if the scene then was a show. What a co-incidence. Maybe the Master staged that. But how did the sick man kept so much foul-smelling liquid in his stomach? And the live, wriggling worms!? OMG! I just wanted to go back to Bangkok that evening.

Wing said we had to stay a night here as it was getting dark and too dangerous to travel. OMG! Stay in this freaking house for a night!? What's going to happen? *goose-pimples*

After the Thai visitors had left, we were shown to our bedrooms. I was too scared to sleep alone, I begged to sleep with in the same room as Wing (Gosh, first time I had to beg a man to sleep with me. kakaka....) and Pao. And Wing had to keep me company when I went to the toilet and bathroom. The house was too eerie, I could feel my hair standing on ends all throughout my stay.

We had dinner with the Master. It was simple Thai food and I kept eating vegetables. The Master pointed to a meat dish to me. I shook my head, wondering in my heart if it was human flesh. I jumped when the Master glared at me, it was as if he could read my thoughts. Meekly I took a piece of meat and shoved it into my mouth..... The whole night I couldn't sleep. There were so much weird noises......

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