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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Why rear a ghost ? The price to pay..... - Final

Where do the black magic practitioners get their foetuses?
Murder sites, accident sites and cemetery.

They used a particular type of wood to make a carving or a little coffin, chant and 'locked' the baby's spirit in it with a talisman. He sets up an altar and chant for 108 days.

If the child dies at a murder or accident site, he uses a bun or incense paper to soak up some of its blood to bring back. After 49 days of continuous chanting, he gets a new 'servant'.

To obtain a foetus who died in his mother's womb during birth is tough but it has been tried. He would also find out which cemetery has newly buried baby corpses and digs them out. Using a candle, he would roast the chin of the corpse to obtain 'corpse oil'. Then he uses this oil to make spells.

It's better to cremate your loved one's body so it doesn't get abused. And don't try to make your own 'ghost'.

Rearing a ghost could bring the owner fame and fortune. But there are many disadvantages, the stronger the 'ghost' becomes, the harder it is to control it. It turns round and bites back..... hard at its owner who usually dies at the hand of his little ghost. Getting rid of it is difficult too.

Why then do some people still want to rear one?

Because the lifetime of a person is very simple. He has only one life ....... depending on his luck, his fengshui, the good deeds his ancestors or he did and how well he did in school, either he does well this lifetime or he doesn't. (人的一生一命二运三风水,四积阴德,五读书. )

If a person reaches his 40 and realises his life is filled with failures, bad luck, poor fengshui, his ancestors did no good deeds in their lifetime, and he didn't have good grades in schools......, would he be willing to exchange 'die a terrible death' for 10 glorious years of fame and fortune? Many men would probably say YES.


After the Master had shown and explained the various types of black magic to me, we sat down to discuss my needs. Wing kept dissuading me by telling me 'to consider carefully and come back another day....'.

Finally it's time to know the most important part of the transaction.

How much?

This particular Master has a unique price for his every customer. Because he can have all the wealth he wants, he pooh-poohs at the mention of money.

The Master took his time to answer my question.... a long time in my opinion. He brushed his beard several times......, cleared his throat......., drank his tea....., arranged his clothes ...... and the things on his table. I was anticipating with abated breathe.......... At last....

"I want you."

*eyes wide open.... jaws drop...... collapsed*

The End.

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