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Friday, May 30, 2008

Ngliyep beach

I went to Ngliyep beach in May 2008. It is located in Kedungsalam village, 62 Km south from Malang city. Around 2 hours drive from Malang. The road access to Ngliyep beach is not that smooth but you can enjoy the scenery on your way to the beach. You have to pay around 8000 rupiahs per person at the entrance point.

Beautiful, isn't it??

Ngliyep beach is a beautiful rocky beach with white sands, where gigantic waves meet coral reefs. In addition, it has an island with a lush green tropical shore-forest giving more enchantment to the beach. There are stalls, souvenir shop, inns, etc, which are run by the local people nearby the beach.


When I reach the beach, the beach was very quiet. There were some local visitors, who were looking for beautiful fishes on the edge of the beach. The beach was at low water and the water was so clean and clear, so I could see beautiful fishes swam between my feet... I liked it.... it is still a very natural beach that I have ever seen. The beach is also clean.

Can you see the fishes?

You cannot and it is FORBIDDEN to swim in Ngliyep beach because the wave is very dangerous and there are a lot of rocks. But, there are a lot of things you can do such as: sunbathing, making castle from sand,looking for fishes, clamps, crabs,etc.
If you like adventure, this beach is recommended. You can list this beach in your itinerary while you spend your holiday in Malang. Enjoy.......... :-)

Malang Kuliner

This city is 2 hours from Surabaya by car. Can be a bit longer if there is traffic jam. But, it is worthed because Malang is a beautiful city...
Malang is not as large as Surabaya and the weather is a bit cooler than Surabaya. Especially at night.

This time I went Malang with one purpose ... Trying the local food.
I drove from Surabaya in the morning around 7.30 am. On the way to Malang, I stop in Tretes (1,5 hours from Surabaya)to try 'Pecel'. 'Pecel' is East Java traditional dish. If you like veggie ... than you must try this dish. Pecel is made from various of boiled vegetables. Then, the boiled vegetables are poured with peanut spices. It is usually served with rice.
This time, I could not enjoy it ... Tooo hot for me. They gave too many chili in the spices.

After having the 'pecel', I moved to local market to buy bananas and oranges. Then I continued my journey to Malang. Before I reached Malang, I stopped at Pahrayangan.
It is a Sundanese restaurant. It's a nice place. The restaurant is over and surrounded by a pool and a lot of 'koi' fishes in the pool. I ordered 'nasi timbel'. It is the restaurant specialty. The unique thing about this restaurant's 'nasi timbel is that the rice is wrapped in leaf before it is cooked. It makes the rice tastes different. I also had salty fish, raw vegetables, fried chicken, 'empal' (kind of fried beef tenderloin), and 'sambal'(mashed chili) served with the rice.
This 'nasi timbel' is much better than the 'pecel'. Not too hot and I can taste the other spices from the food.

From Pahrayangan, I drove to Ngliyep beach ... I wrote about Ngliyep separately. You also can find it in my blog. From Ngliyep, I went to Malang City. I arrived Malang around 7.00 pm and had dinner at 'Gang Jangkrik' rest. I loveeeeeeeed it. The noodle, 'cap cay', 'sio bak (it is pork) were so nice. I really really liked it. 'Gang Jangkrik' restaurant in Surabaya is not as good as the one in Malang.

After dinner, I went to 'Enny Guest house'.The guest house is located in Taman Wilis St. It is at the heart of the city. I spent my 3 days holiday at this guest house. The room rate was Rp 175,000 with twin bed and bathroom attached. Quite reasonable and the place is clean. After checked in, I went to try local food at stalls near the guest house. I had 'bakso (meatball) President' and 'jagung bakar(corn barbeque)'. The prices of the food are not expensive and they taste goooooooooddddd.

The next day I had 'nasi pecel' for breakfast which I bought near the guest house. I went to 'Cuban rondo' waterfall for a day. It is a lovely waterfall dan the road access to this waterfall is very very very easy... I'll wrote about this waterfall after I finished with this story. I tried ice cream at Oen's restaurant at night. This restaurant is an old restaurant decorated with Dutch style. It was build around 78 years ago. There were some visitors from Dutch when I was there. This place has a long history especially related to the Dutch. This restaurant serves not only ice cream but also some dishes.

On the last day before went back to Surabaya, I went to Tugu Hotel. It is also an old hotel. It is located at the heart of the old town. There is the main monument of Indonesia's struggle for independence in front of the hotel. There are a vast, priceless collection of antiques influenced by the Javanese Babah Peranakan (the hundreds-years-old mixed culture between the Chinese migrants in Java and the native Javanese). I took a brief tour around the hotel. The guide (actually he is the hotel staff) took me and my friends around showed the room which was occupied by Mrs. Megawati (the Indonesian Ex-President) during her visit to Malang, the antique stuffs collected by the hotel, old pictures... I saw this young Jacky Chen pic also hanging on the wall of this hotel. At the end of this tour, I ate ice cream and snacks at restaurant attached the hotel, Tugu Kafe and Roti. You can have ice cream, bread, and sweet breads.

Unfortunately, I did not have any pictures on this trip because my camera was batt low. I definitely will go and visit Malang again because I love the food... If you have any plans to visit East Java, you must visit this city. It is highly recommended.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

eastcoastlife's son hospitalised

My only son was admitted to hospital this afternoon. He had a CT Scan this evening and we will know if he requires an operation tomorrow.

We are going through difficult times .......

Please pray for us.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Chinese Cinderellas - The Bound-feet Women ( WW)

Tiny embroidered shoes worn by women who bound their feet

105 years ago, when my grandmother was 5, her father forced her to have her feet bound. Fortunately, her mother came to her rescue. (My grandma passed away 13 years ago.) Born into a poor family but married to my wealthy grandfather, all their possessions were later confiscated by the Communists.

Women with tiny feet were a status symbol who would bring honour upon the entire clan. They had a greater chance of marrying into wealth. During those days, men found women who had small feet (10cm to 13.2 cm) beautiful and sexy.

When I watch Chinese movies showing Qing dynasty concubines, I do find them more feminine as they took dainty steps.

Does she look any prettier than the big-feet women?

When girls were 3 to 6 years old, their mothers would break the 4 toes and fold them underneath the sole of the foot with bandages. The bandages would be taken off daily, then rewound tighter and tighter...... Every now and then, the arch of the foot was broken to force the toes and heel ever closer.

Can you imagine the immense pain the little girl had to endure?

Ladies from wealthy families had to bind their feet

All this for the men's selfish sexual desires. During the Qing dynasty, pornographic books were written, listing 48 different ways of playing with women's bound feet. *%$# the perverts!!!

The bandages that women used for binding their feet were about 10 feet long. It was difficult for them to wash their feet. They only washed once every two weeks, so their feet were very, very stinky.

the misshapen tiny feet

Monday, May 26, 2008

Peep Show at bustling Singapore Tourist Belt - WW

What are these people peeping at? They obstructed the flow of traffic in bustling Orchard Road.

Security guards are called in. eastcoastlife climbed on a ledge to take photos.....

Hot and uber sexy models modelling the latest Calvin Klein underwear!!! I'm only putting up one photo for your viewing pleasure, the rest is for my private drooling viewing. muahahahahaha........

Sunday, May 25, 2008

S$1 Lunch and a Fun Contest ! - Weekend Snapshot #25

With rising food prices everywhere, where can you get a S$1 (US$0.74) Lunch and a fun contest thrown in?

Lunch buffet for S$1

Katong Community Centre organises a monthly lunch for its residents on the last Sunday. Residents pay a nominal S$1. And there is an interesting activity as well. Last month was Paper Flower Making for Mother's Day. This month, we have a Rice Dumpling Wrapping demonstration and contest. Next month, it will be Sushi Making. :)

Rice Dumpling demonstration

Katong Community Centre organises many activities so that its residents get to interact with one another. My husband is a member of the management communittee. Next month, Katong Community Centre will hold an Open House on 15th June which is also Father's Day.

Contestants wrapping their rice dumplings

In conjunction with its Open House, it is holding a Family Carnival and Healthy Lifestyle Day, showcasing its courses and activities. There are talks by medical and eyecare professionals, game stalls, Nonya food stall and entertainment. Free entrance. All are welcome. :)

eastcoastlife joining in the fun.....

Friday, May 23, 2008

PhotoHunt - Shoes

In March 2006, I was diagnosed to have bunions on both my feet. I was told it's hereditary. I would have to undergo surgery to rectify it and it's not guaranteed it won't occur again.

Prior to consulting an orthopaedic & a podiatrist at SGH, I had sharp pains in my right feet & left knee. It was almost impossible to walk.

The orthopaedic recommended me to see a podiatrist. The podiatrist recommended wearing these shoes, MBT. After 5 months of wearing these shoes, it has helped tremendously.

I wore it on my China trips and I could even climb mountains then, awesome right? Now I can go shopping for hours. hehe.....

Chris has a hunched back, but when he wore the shoes, it corrects his posture.

Good things are not cheap. A pair costs around S$400. I bought 2 pairs, Chris bought a pair - it was our craziest spurgle - more than S$1000 for 3 pairs of shoes! My Dad wouldn't talk to me if he knew! :P

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Have a little fun with your coffee! Coffee Foam Art

Danny Pang with his trustworthy coffee maker.

Pour a pitcher of pristinely foamed milk starting in the centre of the coffee. Just start pouring straight into the middle of the coffee. Leave a dollop of foam in the middle of the coffee.

Use a teaspoon to place little dots of foam around the dollop of foam.

Run a tooth pick through the centres of the dots. You have your chasing hearts!

Looks easy... you can try it at home. Amaze your sweetheart. Practice, practice, practice. hehehe.....

A collection of Latte foam art

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Three Steps One Bow Ritual on Vesak Day - WW

Vesak Day commemorates Buddha’s enlightenment. In Buddhist temples throughout Singapore, monks chant sutras and devotees release birds as a sign of respect for all creatures.

Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Temple on Bright Hill Road holds an annual Three-Step-One-Bow (三步一拜) ritual on its temple grounds to usher in Vesak Day. This is a practise that buddhists show respect to Buddha, the Dharma and the sangha. It takes about 2 hours to complete the 1.5km route round the temple. Waiting for one's turn to commence the ritual would be 2 - 5 hours due to the thousands of devotees.

I saw many elderly people and young kids participating in the ritual. Some of the elderly are very strong, they completed the whole course without once stopping to rest! There were also some Indians and Caucasians too. Many adults have been doing it annually for years. For those who are not physically fit, they don't have to bow down.

This year, Venerable Sik Kwang Sheng, the abbot of Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery dedicated the merits of the procession to the victims of the Sichuan earthquake in China and Cyclone Nargis in Myanmar.

Buddhists also took part in the ceremonial bathing of the statue of baby Prince Siddharatha. A small standing statue of the prince is placed in a basin of perfumed water strewn with flowers. The Buddhists scoop the perfumed water with a ladle and pour it over the statue. This act of bathing symbolises the purification of one’s unwholesome actions.

I saw several young people prostrating themselves during the procession. When a Buddhist prostrates before an image, he acknowledges the fact that the Buddha has attained the perfect and supreme Enlightenment. Such an act helps the Buddhist to overcome egoistic feelings and he becomes more ready to listen to the Teaching of the Buddha.

While resting in the canteen, I saw a young mother nursing her hurting knees. She queued with her husband and young daughter at 9pm to perform the Three-Step-One-Bow ritual. It was her first time. I noted the time, it was 2.20 am.

On the next day, her sore knees would be very painful when she walks or squats down....

On Monday, devotees congregated at temples, chanted sutras and offered incense to Buddha. They also bathed the Buddha sculptures with holy water that has been blessed by monks.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Candy - Photohunt

Jaymes brought his little cousins to the games arcade and played the Candy Catcher machines. They came back with a huge bag of candies and some soft toys. It cost me more than S$100!! And I'm sure the dental bills would be more than that ........ :(

I was at the recent launch of France's leading brand of coffee, Carte Noire. There was a fashion show featuring designs by Paris-trained Cambodian designer, Romyda Keth. The models were candy for the eyes. :)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

No Sand in my Shoes: Travels in NYC

New York City: swirling, kaleidoscopic entertainment central of North America, shopping Mecca of the common masses; food heaven for those with an unquenchably diverse palate; the city that never sleeps. How could it possibly doze beneath the eternal glare of Times Square, the constant grumbling of stopped-up traffic and cursing cab drivers? The city’s clogged arteries chug, fueled by

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Help the Sichuan Earthquake victims

Children buried alive

Latest news from my friends in China :

As at 4pm on 14th May 2008, 17 cities destroyed, almost 14, 463 deaths, 25, 788 people buried, 64, 746 people hurt.

Heart-rending stories abound. A school teacher helped save his 59 students, only two were hurt. His two hands were badly cut and bleeding when he tried to save his students. His school had 2, 600 students, now more than 1, 000 of them are buried under the rubble.

His own daughter, who was a secondary student, died when her school collapsed. He rushed to her school after saving his students and she was still alive. For two days, he and rescuers tried to get to the buried students. He never got his daughter back .... alive. *sob sob*

Nurses and doctors are treating patients in the open. Many of these medical professionals' families are also affected in this earthquake...... either buried or died. But they contain their sorrows and continue to do their jobs. I salute them.

Please help :

Red Cross China Earthquake Appeal

Singapore Red Cross

America Red Cross

Walk-in donations can be made at the Singapore Red Cross Society, 15 Penang Lane, Singapore 238486.

Our collection hours are:
Mon - Fri: 9.30am - 5.45pm
Sat & Sun (17-18 May): 9.30am - 5pm
Vesak Day (19 May): 9.30am - 5pm

For more information, please call the Singapore Red Cross at 6334-9152/53 or email enquiry@redcross.org.sg.