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Friday, June 6, 2008

Bad Hair - Photohunt

Jaymes' hairy legs.

Imagine his chest and hands (Don't you dare think that of his mother!!) ........ just as hairy. He's a hairy child. Bad hair or sexy!? hehe.....
    ************************ ooOoo*************************

    Welcome home, Jaymes!!
    Praise the Lord!
Jaymes has been discharged from hospital this afternoon. After 9 days of 'torture', he's found to have 'functional abdominal pain with antral gastritis'. *???*

Any one has a simple name for it? :)

A Big Thank You and Hugs

to all of you who sent us

positive chi,
text messages,
flowers and fruit baskets!

We can sleep better tonight.
Thanks once again for your love for my son whom many have never met.

***************** ooOoo *****************

Happy birthday to my lovely rainbow angel!!

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