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Friday, June 20, 2008

Cuban Rondo Waterfall

On my holiday in Malang, I went to Cuban Rondo Waterfall. It is located in Selecta, Batu ... about approximately 1 hour drive from Malang. The place is accessible and easy to reach. You must pay the entrance fee around 10,000 rupiahs per person at the entrance point. Then, on the way to the parking lot, you will find 'Agrowisata' where you can see various plants, orchid, rose, vegetables etc.

From the parking place, you have to walk about less than 10 minutes to the waterfall. It is very easy to come closer and see the waterfall from a short distance. It is beautiful. I love it. You also can find monkeys hanging down on the trees not too far from the waterfall.

There is a myth about this waterfall. In the past, there was a beautiful princess who were married to an ordinary man. Their marriage was not blessed by the princess' parents and they run away. On the way of their trip, they met a man who also fell in love to this princess. The princess' husband and that man fought for days and nights. The princess was hidden by her husband behind a waterfall and he asked her to stay there and wait for him. However, her husband and the man were both killed on their battle. The princess did not know. She stayed and sat on a rock behind the waterfall. She waited for her husband faithfully until she died. That is why the locals named the waterfall as 'Cuban Rondo'. Cuban (in Javanese) means waterfall and Rondo (in Javanese) means Widow. So this waterfall is not recommended for couple who are not married yet. There is a belief that you will break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend after the visit. Well, I have a friend who broke up with his girlfriend after the visit. Believe it or not? ... Wanna try it?

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