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Friday, June 27, 2008

My Son is not Bright - Photohunt

PhotoHunt : Bright

Do good grades determine how bright and worthy a child is?

When my son was in primary and secondary school, his teachers constantly complained about him not doing his homework. He was punished countless times for that. He was denied breaks and detained after school to complete his homework.

My husband and I punished him whenever the teachers complaint. When asked,"Why didn't you do the homework?" He replied it was too easy and therefore boring to repeat the same type of questions every time. Whenever a teacher gave him a surprise test, he could do it and pass. He was always the Top student in Chinese language in class.

For a year, an angry teacher named him 'Stupid' in class because he was always getting detention. His classmates laughed at him and followed the teacher's name calling. He used to come back with the word 'Stupid' scribbled on his uniform in coloured ink. A happy-go-lucky child, he just smiled and wasn't bother by the teasing. My husband stopped me from confronting his teacher and classmates. My heart aches even until today. He was only 8 then.

In a group of 23 during his school's educational exchange trip to China, he learnt fast and was not only able to finish his Chinese knot-making craft first, he helped the others complete theirs. He appeared on their local TV news. He was 14.

Jaymes with members of Lions Club (Fukuoka) on a private trip. The members are CEOs, Chairmen and Presidents of Japanese firms. He was 15. He was the youngest and only Singaporean youth on the trip. For his 12-day stay in Fukuoka, the members took turns to wine, dine and bring him sightseeing.

Meeting with the officers and Chief of Fire Brigade (Fukuoka). Later Jaymes toured the station, went through its fire-fighting course and was awarded a certificate.

Jaymes with the Mayor of Osaka who gave him Japanese crafts, made by his wife.

My son is not bright. His ambition is not to be a doctor or lawyer or architect........., he wants to be a chef.

My son is not bright. He tends to sleep whenever he opens his textbooks. But he has other talents which his teachers could not accept. As a parent, how do you feel when your child's form teacher told you in your face, "Your son is not Express-class (below average academically) material."?

My son is indeed not bright. He scores only 170 in Mensa International's IQ test.

Don't put down young children if they cannot score good grades in school. They are talented in other areas.

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