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Monday, June 16, 2008

A Pretty Flower Meal - WW

Fresh Flower Bibimbap (花饭)!

When I was in South Korea, I visited Sangsoo Herb Land (相洙香草世界) . It is the largest herb farm in East Asia. It has 197,700 sq yard of land & more than 550 types of herbs. And what a wonderful experience I have!

We toured its indoor garden and glass house. I was amazed by the amount of herbs & beautiful flowering plants. We get to smell & taste some of them.

Dr Lee Sang Soo and my student

Mr Lee Sang Soo, the white-haired CEO of Sangsoo Herb Land gave us an invigorating talk on the usage of herbs in our daily life. A few of us were asked to go on-stage to demonstrate the effects of herbs. We were presented with bottles of mineral water which have been flavoured with herbs.

It was freezing cold outside. Water at a waterfall has frozen into a spectacular sight. There is a very beautiful outdoor garden which has a 1000-yr-old Pine (千年松 ) tree. And a rock that resembles a male organ and every body was taking photos with it. haha....

The P**** Rock! hehehe.....

The crockery used during a Korean meal.....

We had lunch at its restaurant. Many VIPs from around the world have been here. We had a beautiful & healthy meal. We had Fresh Flower Bibimbap (花饭)! How cool is that!

Rice mixed with flowers, vegetable and a special sauce

After visiting Sangsoo Herb Land, I am encouraged to grow my own herb garden. With the many benefits highlighted by Mr Lee Sang Soo, I'm sure I would be able to convince my family & friends to eat their way to a healthy lifestyle!

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