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Friday, June 27, 2008

Two things you should do in Genting

Wow, I am excited to tell you this. There are at least two things you should do when you are in Genting. First of all, you should do the indoor skydiving... Wooow ... this one really stimulates your adrenaline... at least that what I felt. Genting Sky Venture is located at 2nd floor of 1st world plaza. The ticket is 50RM per person for adult. On the ticket counter, the lady will ask you for your weight or if you have any serious diseases for safety reason. If you have no idea about your weight, do not worry, there is a body weight scale at the corner of the room. If the counter lady is not so sure about your weight, then your weight will be taken by her. The requirements for this skydiving are your body weight should be between 25-114 kg, you are not pregnant (for women) and you have not problems with your heart, neck or back.

You will be given the necessary direction what you should do in the wind tunnel by the instructors. Then, you have to change and equip yourself with the safety tools. So, basically you will enter a wind tunnel and the instructor will lift your body, give you instructions and that's it you are flying in winds of 193km/hour... just like a skydiver.This is a safe game and there are instructors who will direct you and take care of you so you can enjoy the game without worries. It is highly recommended for you who like a challenging moment. At the end of the game, you will receive a flight certificate with your name on it.

The flight cert

The other thing that I would like you to do is to visit Chin Swee Caves Temple. You can take the shuttle mini bus from Highland Hotel. The mini bus operates hourly. It costs 5RM per person return ... cheap, right? Or alternatively, you can take a cab to go to the temple. It is located about 5–10 minutes’ drive down from the Genting resort. On the way down, you can enjoy the scenic view of Genting Highlands. This temple as well as Genting resort itself were founded by Mr. Lim Goh Tong.

The temple is designed in Chinese style. So, besides the Reverend Mr. Chin Swee statue, who is worshiped because of his abilities to summon rain and drive away evil spirits, you also can see Buddha, Kuan-yin, the eight deities playing chess and Goh Tong statues. The other thing is that you can climb the-9 storey pagoda located near to the Kuan-yin statue.

The view of Genting Highland from the top of the Pagoda

Visitors can also follow the journey from hell to heaven 'the Journey of Enlightenment' based on Chinese beliefs. There are ten Chambers of Hell. The visitors only need to follow the path and walk up path to a hill. The journey shows us what it would be after our lives in the world for good person and evil person. Go and see by yourself...

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