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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

eastcoastlife sees RED!! - WW

Beijing Olympics 2008 is just round the corner. Excited? I am.
Oh boy, was I glad to see red at Asian Civilisations Museum!

Seeing Red: Propaganda and Material Culture in China
(1966 to 1976)

Chairman Mao

When I was in China, whenever someone mentioned the Chinese Cultural Revolution, many highly-educated mainlanders would see red! They would tell stories of how they were sent to do degrading manual work in the countryside. Stories of their humiliating sufferings and the witnessing of senseless beatings and killings chill my bones. The Chinese Cultural Revolution still holds a strong impact on today’s Chinese people. That was 10 years of Madness.

Admire Chairman Mao-inspired badges, books and porcelain items that are on displayed. These objects were circulated during the Cultural Revolution for the purposes of education and propaganda.

I love to collect them although most are copies. I know one elderly Chinese who has converted his study room into a mini Chairman Mao museum. I'm eyeing his porcelain collection that was specially made for Chairman Mao. :P

Quotations from Chairman Mao Zedong, 毛主席语录

Commonly known as the The Little Red Book. More than 5 billion copies were printed then. It must be the most printed book in history!

Huh!? What does this red have to do with Chairman Mao?

haha..... just a couple who was having their wedding photos taken at this museum. Cool! Very innovative. It is a great place for wedding photos.

Wait!! Before you go rushing down with your photographer, please call and check with the museum first.

Seeing Red!
7 July 2008 – 12 Oct 2008
@ Level 2- Shaw Foundation Foyer, ACM Empress Place
1 Empress Place, Singapore 179555
Monday: 1pm – 7pm
Tuesday to Sunday: 9am – 7pm (to 9pm on Friday)
National Heritage Board

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