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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Fancy eastcoastlife as your servant? - WW

eastcoastlife : For hire

In the early days of colonisation in
Singapore, women dressed in black and white were a familiar sight on the streets. The locals called them Amah or ma jie (domestic servant). The Amah wore a white blouse and black trousers with her hair in a plait.

Coming from China, they were a proud lot. They took a vow of celibacy, they did not think they needed men for support. They were most highly regarded.

You could not find fault with them for anything because they did their work well. No one called them maids. Children in the family were respectful of their black-and-white amah. In their old age, some of the amahs would still hear from the children they raised. They were treated as family.

Amahs were loyal, trustworthy and totally reliable, a rare find for employers these days.


Thanks to all my voters for your votes this one month. I have come to the end of my wayang (acting). It has been fun ....... and thanks to the tremendous support I received from friends, readers, bloggers and people around me. Thanks for offering me your premises and getting me contacts. I couldn't include most of them in July but will continue to publish them.


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