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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hanging of prisoners during the Japanese Occupation - PhotoHunt

Theme : Hanging

I'm doing a research on the Japanese Occupation of Singapore.

At the Singapore Art Museum, I watched this video where one prisoner who survived, talked about his agonising ordeal decades later.

He was thrown into a room (13 ft by 11ft) where there were 60 - 70 men, they were constantly beaten and had little to eat. Every one was just skin and bones.

Some mornings, he would be dragged out of the room, tied at the wrists and hung on a tree. He and some others would be hanging there for a day. No food, no water, come rain, come hot sun....

Around six o'clock in the evening, they would be released and dragged back to their cell.

By then, his wrists would be so swollen and bruised that he couldn't even picked up the bits of rice that was his dinner......

Peace, no War

Note : It is difficult to look for skinny, starved male models for the above picture, so I drew it. Still looking for male models for my photos, know any one suitable? hehe....

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