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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Leeds Castle

Leeds Castle ... it is beautiful, isn't it?

Leeds Castle is situated 6 km south east of Kent, England. The castle sets in 202 hectares of beautiful parkland and is surrounded by a natural lake. In the past, it was a Saxon royal manor which was then transformed into a castle by Robert de Crevecoeur in 1119. In 1278, the Castle became a royal palace for King Edward I. Since then, Leeds Castle has been the home of several queens and kings of England, including King Edward III, King Richard II, King Henry V, King Henry VIII.

The Castle was bought and privately owned by Lady Bailie in 1926. She redecorated the interior and exterior of the Castle. Then, she restored it in 1974 and opened the Castle to the public in 1976.

The ticket counter

Beautiful swans

The Castle exhibits the great collection of Medieval furnishings, tapestries and paintings. In addition to the Castle, there are many attractions here, such as Knights Realm playground, Chidren's turf maze, Hi Flyer static air balloon, Maze, Grotto, Dog collar museum, Falconry, Bird Aviary, Gardens, and Vineyard.

Apart from the Castle, I was interested to try the maze ... I wanted to challenge my brain. I entered the maze, even that I thought I was not smart enough to get to the exit ... but I managed to find the exit :). The maze was designed using 2,400 yew trees in 1988. I also loved and enjoyed its magnificent huge garden … the garden is superb!!

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