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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Loch Ness and Nessie

Have you ever heard somebody say that ‘his/her dreams come true’? I said the same thing when I had chance to go to the UK. Exploring and going around Europe is one of my dreams ... Yup, you can say that I am a big dreamer for having lots of dreams. So, when I had chance to go and stay for sometime in the UK, it is like dreams come true, especially when I visited places that I read during my childhood. One of those places is Loch Ness and its famous monster ‘Nessie’ myth. I always imagine what this monster actually looks like. I visited Loch Ness on my way to Inverness. I joined a guided tour from Scotland. The tour stopped by this place for half hour and the tour leader told us the tale about this lake.

Loch Ness ...

The existence of Loch Ness monster is still a controversy until now. Some people believe that Nessie resides in the water. Some people claimed that they have seen this monster and others say that it is only a myth.

The story began in 565 AD when St. Columba drove the monster away and gave command to it to stay in the water because it frightened St. Columba’s disciples when they were in their boat. It was the first recorded sighting of the monster. Then, the rumours spread far and wide that there is a creature live in the lake. There were also documentation from the 20th century about this monster, such as a photo of a slender head and neck rising above the surface of the water taken by a London surgeon or a survey that concluded there were an average of 20 monster sightings per year.

Until now, there is no firm evidence regarding the existence of Nessie. The controversy still goes on ... Whether Nessie exists or not, I still wish to visit this place one day if I have the chance ...

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