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Friday, August 8, 2008

5,000 years of History in One Dark Night - PhotoHunt

I was with foreign visitors last night, having dinner and watching the dazzling opening of Beijing Olympic Games. At every corner in Clark Quay, the live telecast of 29th Olympic Games attracted crowds on a dark night. Tourists, locals and expats were cheering for the Olympic team of their own country. The sky looked threatening, but the rain didn't come. :)

The spectacular multimedia opening of Beijing Games was choreographed by acclaimed Chinese filmmaker Zhang Yimou. It was a century-long dream that come true for the Chinese. People from all over the world saw the richness of Chinese culture - 5,000 years of history in one night! It makes me proud to be a Chinese.

My guests were fascinated by this rich culture that they have never seen, they have many questions. Chinese gymnastic legend Li Ning's display of Chinese kung-fu when he lighted the cauldron was much talkabout after I had explained the various styles of Chinese kung-fu. Neighbouring diners joined in .......

My fun-loving guests taking a plunge, tens of storeys high on a dark night! Just looking at it, I can have a heart-attack!

Happy 43rd Birthday, Singapore!!!

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