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Friday, August 15, 2008

Colourful Traditional Chinese Wedding - PhotoHunt

Red is the dominant colour in a traditional Chinese wedding, the guests will be dressed in colourful clothes. The celebration is a joyous and colourful affair.

The bride’s face is covered with a red silk veil. A red mat is placed for the bride so her feet don't touch the bare earth when she alights from her sedan chair (or bridal car). The bride is required to step over a lit stove to cross the threshold of the groom's house. The fire would cast out evil influences.

The bride and groom are brought to the family altar, where they pay homage to Heaven and Earth and the family ancestors. Then the bride and groom bow to each other and the groom could finally raise the red veil and view the bride’s face.

A sweet tea, containing two lotus seeds or two red dates in each cup, is offered to the groom’s parents and relatives who would give them money or jewellery wrapped in red packets.

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