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Monday, August 11, 2008

Don't leave Hell without a Hell passport and credit card! - WS#36

I had the most hilarious shopping trip with my Dad on Saturday. It was no ordinary shopping trip, we were shopping for our dead ancestors.

Times for the living are bad so my Dad presumes it is worse down below. He voiced his concerns which the owner of the incense shop agreed heartily and proceeded to bring out his best stuff reserved for 'his more caring customers'. (最有爱心的顾客!哈)

I didn't know the dead need a passport to travel. hahaha...... and Malaysia Airlines is so enterprising!! I'll think twice about booking with the airline, what if the one seated next to me is not human!? My Dad was lamenting there is no China airlines as he wanted to send them to watch the Beijing Olympics. duh.

He insisted on getting the whole set of travel documents which costs S$5 only. I tried hard to dissuade him because by giving them a cheque book and credit card, we would be responsible for their bills. I don't want the Hell bank employees to chase me for payments in the middle of the night!! So scary!

I'm giving Dad the money and responsibility of handling my ancestors' financial affairs. Hope the creditors from Hell don't come after me! *shiver*

Blazer (S$5), new Polo tees (S$1 each) and shoes (S$3) for Grandpa. The white packet is underwear. Yes, spirits need underwear too! Don't laugh. We got him a mobile phone, watch and branded wallet. I told Dad to never give out my contact number to them. ish.

For Grandma, nice floral blouses (S$1 each), new shoes (S$3) and underwear (S$1) too. And some jade jewellery (S$5). My Dad wanted to get her an LV bag, but for her safety I put it back. Lie low, better not be too much of a show off or else there will be no end of trouble in Hell. And I can't go down to settle matters for them!!

Before we left with our bags of shopping, my Dad spotted a laptop. Noooo!!! My God! Who's going to teach them to use it!?

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