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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Entertainment for Hungry Ghosts - WW

During the month-long Hungry Ghost Festival, besides the food offerings and Hell money, entertainment for our ghostly visitors are very important. The one thing many Chinese look forward to every Hungry Ghost Festival is the getai (street concert).

Street entertainment as good as at concerts

All over Singapore, there are a few getais performing every night. Singers and entertainers from as far as China and Taiwan would come to Singapore to sing at getais. Never mind if some are lousy singers. Their elaborate costumes are worth a look.

The huge crowd at Hougang Avenue 8

Some of the regular entertainers have their own fans. Every year, those loyal fans will follow them to every street concert where they perform.

All dressed up to please the audience

I attended several getais the past few nights just to get the photos for this post. Enduring the loud blasts from the speakers for hours, I also had to push my way right to the front of the stage so as to get closer to the performers.

Director Jack Neo and cast of 'Money No Enough 2'

This year, local director Jack Neo whose latest film 'Money No Enough 2' premiered on 31st July, appeared in several getais to promote his movie. Their appearance attracted large crowds. They sang, danced and bantered with the audience who truly enjoyed their performance as they were laughing and clapping away.

Go watch one and enjoy yourself.

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