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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

For my country, I would wear a Diaper!

The movable-type printing performance seen during the Opening Ceremony of Beijing Olympics
(Photo credit: Mike Hewitt/Getty Images)

During dinner with a few friends from China, I was shocked to hear that 897 soldiers operating the huge scroll that formed the centrepiece of Olympic Opening Ceremony had to wear diapers while they stay hidden under the structure. For up to seven hours!! In the hot and suffocating summer heat!

The performers who crouched under 40-pound boxes went into the models underground at 2 pm, and after getting in there they could not come out. They had to wait until they finished their performance and they were not allowed toilet breaks. Gosh.

All the performers had to get into position before spectators began entering the 91,000-seat Bird’s Nest Olympic stadium. The performers had to prepare in advance. And every performer had to stay in a fixed place at a fixed time.

My 95-year-old father-in-law refused to wear a diaper, despite being bed-ridden. He feels that it is shameful for an adult to wear one. It's for babies, he said.

In China, babies rarely wear diapers. They wear pants with slits baring butts and wee-wees for all to see.

Suffering and sacrifice were required to make the opening ceremony a success. 15,000 people were involved. The lengths to which Beijing went, trying to create a perfect start to the Olympic Games!

My Chinese friends think that the sacrifices were necessary. They would be grateful for an opportunity to participate in this historic event. It is viewed as an honor. All the tears, the sweat, and even blood that is shed, is worth it!

Hear them! Singapore is in trouble! I doubt we could get such patriotic citizens amongst us!

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