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Monday, August 18, 2008

New Zealand Maori Arts and Crafts Institute

New Zealand Maori Arts & Crafts Institute

If you have interest in indigenous cultures, New Zealand Maori Arts and Crafts Institute (NZMACI) is a place worth to be visited. NZMACI was established in 1963 by the New Zealand government. The institute aims to protect and teach the authentic Maori arts and crafts and Maori culture to the younger generation. The Maori Arts and Crafts Institute is located in Rotarua, the north island of New Zealand, around 3 hours drive from Auckland.

In this place, you will see the unique carving and weaving style of Maori. There are carving and weaving schools in the institute. The students exhibit their carvings and weaving works; and also share story about Maori history and their ancestors. You also can see Maori traditional house.

Maori traditional house

I am not an expert in the area of cultures or arts, especially Maori cultures or arts, but visiting this place gave me different experiences. I believe after your visit you will appreciate the Maori people’s spirit and efforts to protect their identity by passing down to and teaching the younger generations about their cultures ... because I really do!!

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