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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Preparing a Traditional Chinese Wedding - WW

One of my nieces is getting married and I have been picked as a go-between for the two families. :) We are going to have a traditional Chinese wedding!

Red is the wedding theme. It signifies love, joy and prosperity. The Bride wears a red wedding gown. There will be red wedding invitations, red wedding gift boxes or envelopes for cash gifts. The new home of the bride and groom will be decorated in red on the wedding day too.

On the wedding day, there will be a tea ceremony for the elders. Dumplings and sweetmeats for the couple symbolising a sweet start to a new life.

A long list of things to buy : dragon and phoenix candles, red bedsheets, traditional cakes for the elders....

An auspicious date has been picked using the Chinese Almanac. Joyous red!!

Ahhhh... the spittoon!

I'm too traditional!? hmmm.......
Oops, forgot to mention the dowry!! *call groom's Dad*

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