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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Serve Better, Sell More!

Speaker : Dr Sander Allegro, Director of INNovation

Companies spend billions of dollars developing their products and on marketing campaigns. Too much energy is used to make sure their product is ok, and they neglect the service part.

Customers have a set of expectations and they are critical. If we are unhappy, we rarely tell the service providers. But we will share our negative experiences.

There is only one chance to create a satisfied and loyal customer. If one dissatisfied customer tells 15 friends about her negative experience with a service provider, and each friend tells another 10 friends, 165 people are influenced and would not be positive about the brand. This will push 165 customers to the company's competitors!

I was invited to an interesting half day conference at The Arts House, hosted by AQ Services International. The key note speaker Mr Sander Allegro, director of leading hotel schools of the world, shared great insights on how the hospitality approach can win more loyal customers regardless of the industry they are in.

The conference was attended by several top brand names in the service, retail and entertainment sectors of Singapore. I hope they heard loud and clear the message told by Dr Sander Allegro - Behaviour makes or breaks a business.

Managing Director of AQ Services, Mr. Jan Willem Smulders, spoke on several management tools, used by leading corporations around the world, that assist in creating the perfect customer experience. Their Mystery Shopper program is what interests me. :)

Jan Smulders (MD), Dr Sander Allegro and Jeroen de Koning (Director)

This is not a sponsored post.

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