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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sydney Opera House

I believe when you see the picture above you immediately know what I am going to write about today. Everyone know Sydney Opera House. Yes ...it is a very well-known landmark in Australia. So ... if you hear about Sydney Opera House, then you will immediately think about Australia. This is one of the ‘must see’ sites in Sydney like Eiffel Tower in Paris or Statue of Liberty in New York.

It is located in Sydney, close to Sydney harbour bridge and the Royal Botanic Garden, New South Wales, Australia. So, after you visited Sydney Opera House, you can continue to walk to the Botanic Garden ... it is a huge, big garden. Sydney Opera House was designed in 1957 by Jorn Utzon, a Danish architect. The construction work started in 1959 and was estimated to be completed in 4 years. However, the building was just completed and officially opened in 1973.
It is included as one of a UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 2007.

Brief explanation about the shell roof
It is an amazing unique building. For me, the unique thing about this building is the ‘shell-structure’ roof. The roof is just such a creative idea.

And ... the Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House is the home of many famous performances (theatre, ballet, orchestra, concert, opera etc)and arts exhibitions. When I visited this place, I did not have the chance to see any performances there as the ticket was quite expensive for me. I think I need to work harder so I would be able to experience and see one of the opera performances at Sydney Opera House one day :)

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