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Friday, August 22, 2008

Wrinkled - PhotoHunt

I was shopping for my guys' underwear yesterday and saw a couple of unique buys.

The ad for one brand of underwear good for travelling says : 17 countries, 6 week, one pair of underwear.

It's made of a special material that dries in 2 hours after washing. It is anti-bacteria and doesn't absorb odours. The price : almost S$47 for one. :P

    This is so cute!!
When I showed Jaymes this cute little devil, he wrinkled his nose in disdain and exclaimed, "Oh man!!"

Hubby goes, "No! No! No! No! NO. "


What women find cute, the guys think it's silly.

Why can't you guys make us happy for a moment. We are not going to parade you in that in front of our friends. And it goes off after we have our fill of ogling. tsk.


I was waiting to take a photo of my son wrinkling his face this evening, but before I could do that, I was informed he collapsed in pain in school.

Update 23/8 : Jaymes had gastric pains and was vomitting until he was green in the face. The doctor gave him a jab and he was given rest for 2 days. Thanks to all for your concern.

Make sure your kids eat their meals regularly.

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