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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

EastCoastLife in the Land of Giants (Singapore Slingers)! - WW

Coach Gordon McLeod mapping his strategy with his players

My second invite to Singapore Slingers - not a drink. hehe....

This time, Jaymes' wish came true (and it's his birthday next week!), thanks to Nic. We were also given a corporate box seating where we had finger food, chips, beer and wines! *burp*

We were so close to the action, we could feel the bumps where we were sitting. I'm going to be so pampered by the VIP treatment at every event. :P

Singapore Slingers v Purefoods (Philippines)
Singapore Indoor Stadium
30th September 2008, 7.30 pm

Snacks while we watched the game!

Tickets sales for this game exceeded beyond expectation. It was the biggest ever attendance to date for a Slingers game in 3 seasons. Filipinos working and living in Singapore turned out in full force.

They were there for James Yap, a star of the visiting team. He is the husband of Kris Aquino, who's the daughter of the former President of the Philippines, Corazon Aquino.

Next to our corporate box was local artiste, Gurmit Singh. :)

An ugly moment...

Filipino spectators outnumbered all other nationalities. There were lots of boo-ings at the Slingers and at one moment, things got ugly when a fan of the Slingers chided them. Abuses and even a water bottle were hurled at his party.

At over 2m, the sweet Eric Sandarin towers above EastCoastLife and Jaymes!

It was a fantastic game! Slingers won, with beautiful scores from Darren Ng and Eric Sandarin. There are other cuties like John Fitzgerald, Shane McDonald (swoons, a hot favourite with the girls), Armien Kirkland....etc. After the game, we got to chat, get their autographs and have a photo with them.

EastCoastLife and Jaymes with Dr Darren Ng. Not only is he a great basketball player, he also plays the piano. Wow! Multi-talented guy. :)

Check out these cool guys on the next two Sundays. You will love them. :)

Selamat Hari Raya to my Muslim friends!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Fond Memories of Singapore F1 - Ruby Tuesday

Singapore F1 Night Race is over..... it was a great success! The teams are packing up and going home. I was not excited before the race but now I'm looking forward to it next year. :)

Memories are made of these.....

The tears of Alonso when he heard his National Anthem being played.

I feel so sorry for Massa who fell from pole position to the back seat.

Ferrari team practising at their garage....

From my seat, I could enjoy my dinner and red wine, watched the race cars speed by and hear the screeching tires! Ahhh... a taste of the high life of the wealthy and powerful....

Tickets were fully sold out for the race!

A chance to observe all the F1 teams working behind the scene.

A walk along the pit lane and race track with VIPs....

Our lovely Nominated MP Eunice Olsen in a sexy black dress and red high-heels!

40 pieces of Bak2u anti-theft software for mobile phone and laptop to be won!

Open to international readers. No purchase or subscription required.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Alonso wins Singapore F1 Night Race! - WS #43

Fernando Alonso (Renault) makes history with his win at the world's first night race!

Singapore Formula One’s first night race was filled with thrills and spills! 3 crashes and the safety car appeared on the race track twice!

Fernando Alonso claimed victory in a miraculous win! Nico Rosberg (Williams-Toyota) was second and Lewis Hamilton (McLaren-Mercedes) took 3rd place!

Alonso and Hamilton celebrating their wins with champagne!

Massa drove off with the fuel hose still attached....

A mechanic of Ferrari was thrown off when Felipe Massa (Ferrari) drove off with the fuel hose still attached to his car! It caused Massa to lose his lead from pole position to last place. It was nightmare after nightmare when he was given a drive-through penalty for another unsafe exit in front Adrian Sutil (Force India).*sob sob*

First race car crash (Nelsinho Piquet, Renault)

2nd accident (Adrian Sutil, Force India)

Kimi Räikkönen (Ferrari) had to drop out too at his 58th lap

I have this report up fast before I rush off to a celebration party. The night race was packed with plenty of excitement, it was a great success. Hurrah for Singapore! We show the world that not only can we think big, we can achieve it too!!

Eastcoastlife/LG Contest
Question No.5

Who is the winner of 2008 Formula One SingTel Singapore Grand Prix?

Win a 60" LG HD Plasma TV!!
15th Sept - 25th Oct 2008

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Friday, September 26, 2008

EastCoastLife at World's First Night Race - PH

PhotoHunt Theme : View

Spectacular view of the action at Turn 23

The Ministry of Trade and Industry hosted VIPs, including Ministers and MPs, to the 2008 Formula One SingTel Singapore Grand Prix in the Temasek Suite at the Paddock Club™.The Temasek Suite offers views of the pit straight and Turns 23. There was fine dining and great wines.

My ticket to a historical moment in Singapore...

EastCoastLife was a part of history and witnessed first-hand Formula 1™ cars racing at night for the first time. From my dining table, I enjoyed a spectacular view of the action as the cars reach speeds up to 300 km/h right in front of my eyes! I also stepped out to the private balcony to enjoy the electric atmosphere and had a whiff of the burning tires! :)

EastCoastLife with power ladies Minister Lim Hwee Hua and MP Cynthia Phua

From my prime location offering unrivalled views, I watched the race unfold with all the drama that Formula 1™ delivers. Many F1 drivers have never raced in the night, so there were a few accidents.

All the guests took a walk down the Pit Lane after the first Practice Session, taking photos of the garages and the race car teams at work.

Everyone rushed to the window whenever a race car crashed...

Singapore Grand Prix is the world's first Formula 1™ race to be held at night and the first street race in Asia. 10 teams zoomed around the 5.067 km long street circuit which offers multiple overtaking opportunities as well as fast and challenging turns.

I smelled burning tires (and sweaty men!) from the balcony!

Singapore is aiming to be the 'Monaco of Asia', this iconic event will put it in the global spotlight. It hopes to entice the super-wealthy who come to the race to consider setting up homes here.

Health Minister Khaw Boon Wan and lovely NMP Eunice Olsen

Host and several VIPs toasting to the success of Singapore Grand Prix!

It costs a person several thousand dollars to watch this night race in Temasek Suite at the Paddock Club. But not any one with money could get a ticket to my event. What a memorable and awesome experience for me!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

G.Y.O. (Grow Your Own) - WW

The scarcity of food made people turn to growing their own crops

During the Japanese Occupation, food shortage was a serious problem. The Japanese issued ration cards to control supplies of rice and other essential items. Without this ration card, you could not get any provisions from the shops. The scarcity of goods sent prices sky-rocketing and there was a black market for those who could afford to pay.

My grandparents have 3 young children, an 11-month-old baby and another one on the way (my Dad). The 3.6 kg of rice rationed monthly was not enough to feed the whole family. My grandmother could not produce milk for her baby who subsequently died.

The different passes issued by the Japanese Imperial Army and Military Police

The Japanese encouraged the people to grow their own crops. My grandparents grew an assortment of food crops. They were mainly tapioca and sweet potato with some banana, coconut and papaya trees.... they later added more crops. To fight hunger, malnutrition and diseases, my grandmother had many ingenious ways to use these crops .

Food was scarce, people were skins and bones

The sweet potatoes and coconut are very useful crops. Almost every part of them can be used. My aunt still complains about those days, "It was sweet potatoes for breakfast, sweet potatoes for lunch and sweet potatoes for dinner!"


Tapioca and sweet potatoes could be turned into fries after steaming and cutting them into strips. When mashed into flour, it was made into crispies (keropok). The tapioca flour was also used to make pearl tapioca, even pancakes and noodles. But they were not palatable.

The sweet potatoes are rich in vitamins and high in fibre. When added to a pot of porridge, it kept every one from hunger but it made people let out lots of gases. hehe......

What little rice they had were reserved for my grandmother and the new born baby. She would cook a little rice in a pot of water, then feed the rice soup to her baby. The rice was of a poor quality with weevils and small stones in it. Yet many times, she let the older kids eat her porridge while she ate sweet potatoes or tapioca.

sweet potatoes

Excess crops were sold or bartered for food in the black market. My grandmother kept two chickens for eggs. Then she started breeding them. When a hen couldn't lay any more eggs, she slaughtered it and it would be eaten for days and days. Every morsel was savoured. Every edible part of the chicken was eaten. Nothing was wasted in those days.

During those war years, many were happy just to drink a simple bowl of porridge without worrying what the next day would bring......

Living in a kampong (village), my grandmother learnt some frugal ways from her Malay neighbours. She bartered for small fish, dried and preserved them with salt. After eating the flesh, she fried the bones and pounded them finely, sprinkling it on porridge for my toddler Dad.

Having gone through hard times, my grandmother was very frugal and did not allow us to waste food. We had to finish everything in our bowls.

During hard times, women had ingenious ways to provide food for their family...

It used to disgust me to watch her eat. She would eat 2 bowls of plain porridge every morning with just ONE pickled olive, for 4 days! She downed half a bowl of porridge, nibbled a little of the picked olive, then licked and sucked a quarter of it while finishing the remaining porridge. One pickled olive lasted her for 4 breakfasts! @.@

She taught her daughters-in-law and I how to manage a household with whatever little we have. She led a simple life, she had little needs. She died at the age of 97, surrounded by 4 generations of her descendants.

Photos from Memories at Old Ford Factory
and Hua Song Museum

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Singapore's Icons

Singapore Icon

Esplanade theatre


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