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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Eastcoastlife n LG 60" HD Plasma TV contest

Eastcoastlife n LG Contest

2 days left!

Who will be the owner of this LG 60" Full HD Plasma TV?

This prize is unique, worth about S$10,000.

LG gave me full reign of this contest. They didn't even look at my proposal, they trust me to do the job. They were very supportive, giving me all the help I needed.

This is an expensive and unique prize. I hope bloggers who are blogging about it would give your best. I'm also giving you a chance to be selected for my future projects.

I must commend blogger and contestant Wilfrid for his kind gesture to list all the questions on his blog. btw, he has gotten himself 4 chances by blogging about it. I'm reproducing the questions here. It does make looking for the answers easier. :)
  1. Which knife is a must-have in a kitchen?
  2. What is the main cause of cervical cancer?
  3. How long is the underground tunnel of KPE?
  4. On which date was all Chinese males gathered, screened and later faced the machine-gun firing squad?
  5. Who is the winner of 2008 Formula One SingTel Singapore Grand Prix?
  6. Which organization launched Hi2P?
  7. Where is Underwater World Singapore located?
  8. Besides the 60″ HD Plasma TV, which other product did LG sent me?
  9. LG’s Home Theater Systems was tuned by which world renowned high end audio expert?
  10. What does LG stand for?
Any one can be a winner! Just find the answers to the above 10 questions.

Going through the entry forms yesterday, I found a couple of local famous personalities. :) I'll be at the practice to receive your entry forms on Saturday.

Our practice closes at 6.30 pm, you can slide your entry forms under the door or put them in our mail box.

Bloggers posting about this contest (I'll make copies of your entry) :

WilfridWong.com - Wilfrid (4 chances)
sweetots - Eileen (4 chances)
Dua Pai Lang - (5 chances)
The Young Businessman - Cris (3 chances)
Xtralicious - Rachel (3 chances)
fleetingexistence - Guan Hong (4 chances)
jointowin - Eddie(3 chances)
Singapore Kids Places - Milly (2 chances)
My Life with IT - wishbone (2 chances)
Saint 2.0 - Stanley (2 chances)
vynny (2 chances)
DK (2 chances)
oceanskies - (2 chances)
Days of our life - pika (2 chances)
shelled & deshelled - Shelly (3 chances)
Cornflict - Dallas (3 chances)
peekintomyblog - Jess (2 chances)
jfang.sg - James (2 chances)
living4blogging - juzblogging (2 chances)
lobang (2 chances)
Jimmy (2 chances)

Bloggers who blogged about this contest, please comment and leave a link for me. I'm too busy to go searching for your post, so you may lose your extra chance.

Update : Check your answers and entry! I receive many incorrect entries..... no contact number or particulars. You have the right to not do so for your own reason, I have the right to disqualify your entry. Not fair to those who adhere to the rules.

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