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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Eastcoastlife Challenged the Mountain of Knives - WS #48

worshippers climbing the 'Mountain of Knives'

Would you Climb a 'Mountain of Knives' and Cleanse your body with Boiling Oil? (上刀山,下油锅法会) These are unusual Taoist rituals which worshippers believe could change their bad luck. (We need it in such tough times.)

The more common but equally mystical Taoist rituals are piercing tongues and parts of your body with sharp iron rods and walking on fire. *gasp*

stepping on rows of blades

On Saturday night, hundreds of worshippers (young, old, men and women) including EastCoastLife, queued for an hour to climb up and down steps lined with blades. There were 18 blades each way. Worshippers have to step bare-footed on the sharp blades.

To the believers, this ritual signifies the passage through obstacles and difficulties to attain a better life. It is believed to eliminate bad luck, evil, villains etc. Some worshippers ask for blessings and expect good fortune.

Before and after the climb, mediums would give their blessings and stamp a seal on each worshipper. For those who did not dare to step on the blades, there were wooden steps.

Long queues to perform the ritual

At the top of the 'Mountain', another medium would bless the worshippers and give them charms which have been blessed.

Those who wish to perform this ritual should abstain from consuming dog meat, beef, mutton, goose and yam. People in mourning and pregnant ladies are banned from participating.

The whole place was packed with people. Due to the amount of joss sticks burnt, I was suffocating from the smoke. It was a colourful event.

A medium blessing the worshippers

Want to know more about the Boiling Oil ritual? Come back and read EastCoastLife's daring experience. ;)

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