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Monday, November 3, 2008

EastCoastLife Prepares To Be Deep Fried

I spent one whole day preparing myself.... fasting and trying to meditate. Tried hard not to have undesirable thoughts. But I'm EastCoastLife, it's very frustrating!! haha.....

Arriving at the place of worship, I noticed tins of cooking oil for the Boiling Oil Cleansing ritual were offered to deities for their blessings. That is a lot of oil!

OMG! What a huge cauldron! They did not say we have to sit in it!?

A talisman, copper coins and a mysterious red packet were placed at the bottom of the huge cauldron before oil was poured over them.

More oil was added, and a few bottles of ..... rice wine and herbal concoction!? Hey! Braising me!? I was starting to get nervous.

Fanning the fire until the oil began to boil.... my breathing was getting heavier.

More talismans were scattered over the boiling oil ..... I was standing next to the boiling cauldron of oil, the heat was unbearable.....

I was sweating and my heartbeats quickened. Final call for all participants to get ready.....

How was EastCoastLife done? How did EastCoastLife fare? Photos next post. :)

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