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Monday, November 10, 2008

Heroes of Subaru Challenge - WW

10pm Day 3 of MediaCorp Subaru Challenge

About 30 contestants were still standing when I dropped in after a late dinner on Monday. I found some of them in a weak state. A few were standing unsteadily, wavering on their feet. It had been more than 50 hours for them.

This Mummy looked frail but she was still hanging in there when I left at 11pm.

Many looked exhausted. Drenched from the heavy rain earlier, they were not allowed to change out of their wet clothings. There was a breeze, I was in long sleeves and a denim jacket..... I could see them shivering in their wet clothes.

Some contestants had friends and relatives visiting. Chatting kept their minds off their aching and weary bodies.

I was amazed to see a frail-looking Mummy still standing strong, albeit alone, her hand firmly stuck to the car. Every now and then, she would massage her swelling palm. *applause*

This Thai challenger's palm just slided down the hood and he onto the floor....

One by one, contestants started to fall. A slight mistake and they were out. One Filipino contestant was devastated when he slipped. You could not help feeling sayang (pity) for him, seeing the agony written all over his face.

Cold compresses on his feet and a hand massage

Every one who took this challenge is a hero. We salute you.

Winner should be out any time now.....

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