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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Win a Subaru Impreza with one Palm.... - WS #49

It's insane! It's painful! It's out of this world!

400 contestants!

Prize : A Subaru Impreza WRX 2.5 hatchback (S$80,000 w/o COE)!

Hours of physical and psychological torture!

The 7th annual Subaru Palm Challenge kicked off at Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza on 8th November. There were 10 cars on-site (40 contestants per car).

Participants need to stick one palm (like glue) on a hand-print in order to win this contest. It is much harder than it looks. This contest tests the mental and physical limits of the 400 participants, including 40 contestants from Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong and the Philippines.

The 40 pre-qualified male and female contestants were flown on an all-expenses paid trip to Singapore to take part in this challenge.

If the eventual winner is a regional contestant, he or she stands to walk away with the grand car prize in their respective regions. The top regional contestant will get an additional cash prize of S$5,000.

contestants hanging on at 11pm on 8th November

The challenged started at 1pm and less than 40 minutes after it started, the first contestant dropped out.

Participants get a bathroom break every 6 hours, a brief 5 minute pit stop. They can use the toilets and/or get something to eat, drink or get a massage from the paramedics on site. The timings are at 1pm, 7pm, 1am and 7am each day.

Many supporters have also stayed up to spur on friends and relatives.

A family cheering their beloved on!

The ultimate winner of Subaru Challenge 2007, Sandra Yeow outlast 387 other contestants to emerge the first ever female champion with an astonishing, record-breaking time of 77 hours and 13 minutes! Her husband is also in the challenge this year. Good luck.

As at 11.49 am today, 159 contestants are still standing. Hang in there!! 加油!

Just how long can the contestants last this time round?

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