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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Association of Bloggers (Singapore) revives kampung spirit

ABS committee members meeting

Association of Bloggers (Singapore) is now a legal entity!! For months, I was pushing hard for it to become one. Thanks to the hard work of all my committee members.

The idea of an association for bloggers in Singapore came a year ago. I was a newbie blogger, and the Singapore blogosphere was controlled by foreign bloggers based in Singapore. There was chaos due to the flaming and constant bitching wars among bloggers. Companies launching new products were not getting the maximum benefits of new media at their launches.

Singaporean bloggers were like loose sand, they were not united. They were easily manipulated and even banned for standing up against the foreign tyrant from self-proclaimed 'community meta weblog for Singapore bloggers'. Small bloggers are just too isolated to be able to fight for their rights.

Protem committee - Association of Bloggers (Singapore)

Association of Bloggers (Singapore) is a non-profit association. It is dedicated to promoting, protecting and educating its members; supporting the development of blogging as new media. I hope eventually it can help to provide legal assistance to bloggers too. It is a professional body for bloggers in Singapore.

What we are planning for our members :

We have a monthly lunch on the last Thursday of every month for members to socialise and get to know one another.

Annual Singapore Bloggers Conference - get credible, well-known (perhaps overseas) bloggers to give talks; have friendly competitions; bonding sessions, workshops. Overseas bloggers can register for this event. This is a great time for merchants or service providers to show case their latest gadgets/ service to our bloggers.

Workshops - How to write better; blog template designs; writing for profit; photography; the legal implication of blogging; ......

Affiliations with Overseas Bloggers Associations - Annual International Bloggers Meet, Bloggers Abroad Program (help with accommodation, sightseeing, cultural exchange programmes).

Working with manufacturers, service providers, businesses to promote their products and services. Education visits to production factories. Product launches invites.

A chance to engage the Government in discussions on its policies and help shape Singapore, making it a better place to live and work. Singapore is our country and we have the duty as citizens to see that our brothers and sisters are taken care of and protected.

The association will not be a tool of politics but members should be able to speak up and stand up for justice.

We are inviting all bloggers in Singapore and overseas Singaporean bloggers to join us.

Entrance fee : S$50 (one time)
Yearly subscription : S$ 60 (Ordinary Membership)
S$100 (Corporate Membership)
This money pays for or subsidises courses or workshops for member bloggers unless there are sponsors.

We are calling out to bloggers who are willing to serve your fellow bloggers in this Association and the people of Singapore to step up and volunteer your service. We have several community projects which require bloggers to help.

We want to revive the 'kampung spirit' - bringing bloggers of different races (and nationalities) together, helping one another, fostering the neighbourly spirit.

Association of Bloggers (Singapore)
c/o 1 Coleman Street #02-35 The Adelphi Singapore 179803
email : bloggers at singapore dot com

For companies or organisations who wish to engage Singapore bloggers for their product launches or events, contact ABS for a recommendation of its credible members.

Mommy bloggers, we need you to review consumer products. Must be ABS members.

* Posts from protem committee of Association of Bloggers (Singapore)

paced aka Jas
Paddy Tan
Rachel Chung
Xin Yun

*we are in the midst of launching our website

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