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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Give me Good Fortune! - WW

God of Fortune overlooking the Floating Platform at River HongBao 2009

One of the highlights at River HongBao 2009 is the God of Fortune that sprinkles golden confetti and single digits hourly all through the 9 days this event is held.

When it's time for God of Fortune to distribute his good fortune, many visitors came prepared. Umbrellas, nets, newpapers, caps, plastic bags were brought out! They hope to catch 4 lucky digits to strike it rich.

Looking for the digits.....

Times are bad, some hope the God of Fortune would smile on him/ her and send them good fortune.

I got the 4 digits!!

River HongBao 2009
24th Jan - 1st Feb 2009 (6pm to 12 midnight)
Free Admission

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