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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Singapore Ironman challenges Brazil 135 Ultramarathon - WW

EastCoastLife and Singapore Ironman Lim Nghee Huat

Singapore Ironman Lim Ngee Huat gets ready to run non—stop for 217 kilometres in Brazil 135 on January 23. He has to finish the race in 45 hours.

BR 135 Ultra is considered Brazil’s most difficult foot race because it takes place in the Serra da Mantiqueira mountains, with only 20 km of the 217 km being run without any inclination. Only about 12 of the 135 miles are flat…the rest is all uphill and downhill. Throughout the race the athletes run up and down the total distance of Mount Everest, with more than 10,000 m (about 33,000 ft) of elevation gain and approximately 9,000m (about 29,000ft) of elevation loss.

Since 2005, Ironman Lim has been dedicating his ultramarathon run to raise funds for the community. There is no exception for the Brazil 135 and this time he is dedicating to the Singapore Table Tennis Association.

The Association is raising funds for the welfare and scholarships for the players. Its women team had won a silver medal for Singapore in Beijing Olympics Games. Ironman Lim wants to show his appreciation to them by dedicating this upcoming run in Brazil, to raise funds for the Association.

"217 km is equivalent to more than five marathons. You need to have enough training mileage, so I have been doing something like 45km to 80km every weekend since October," he said.

These extreme World Cup Ultra Marathons are the most difficult series on the planet :

Badwater Ultramarathon - race in the desert
Arrowhead Ultra - race in the snow
BR 135 Ultra - race in the mountains

Ironman Lim completed the Badwater Ultramarathon in 2007. Death Valley in California is the world’s hottest and driest place.

Those who wish to support Singapore Ironman Lim Nghee Huat for this cause, you could assist by pledging for every kilometre he completes, eg S$0.10 or $1 per km.

Ironman Lim will be leaving this Friday, 16th January for Sao Paulo, Brazil. EastCoastLife will be updating supporters and readers on his ultramarathon.

Singapore Table Tennis Association Desktop Calendar for year 2009 is out now! Inside, you will find vivid photos of our players in their sporting action. The calendar retails at S$10 per piece. Do give them your support!

Donors to issue cheque payable to “Singapore Table Tennis Association” and mail it to :

Mr Tan Bak Hua,
Finance & Admin Manager,
Singapore Table Tennis Association
297-C Lorong 6 Toa Payoh
Singapore 319389
Tel: 6354-1014 Fax: 6353-9109

At the back of cheque write “ Pledge “Lim Nghee Huat Brazil 217km Ultramarathon” for STTA. Donors are entitled for a Double Income Tax Exemption.

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