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Monday, March 23, 2009

Chinese Wedding Must Have Red Colours - RT

A nephew had his wedding on 21st March which was the start of Spring, the season of love! We are Chinese with many elderly relatives in our family clan. Traditionally for the Chinese, there are many customs to observe and follow, but this young couple decided to celebrate the most important day of their life, their own way.

The parents and relatives of both families have no say over this wedding. They were told to 'just be present'. :)

Imagine the horrified looks on the faces of the elders when they stepped into the elegant wedding banquet room.

colour was predominantly every where!!

The tables and chairs were black. The menu was black. The napkin was black. And there were white candles and flowers every where. The elders shook their heads.

*For the Chinese, white and black are colours of mourning.*

Luckily the restaurant had scattered lots of red rose petals on the tables and floor. The relatives were arranged to sit at round tables (signify togetherness) while friends and colleagues of the newly-wed couple were seated at long tables.

The dishes were beautifully presented and tasted good. It cost almost S$100 per guest.

I asked my only son if he would do this to me ...... have a black wedding.

"Nooooo!" he assured me with a hug of my shoulders.

I was very comforted to hear that.

"I'll elope."


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