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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Fengshui Ice-cream - WS

Talk : How the 5-elements affect our lives

I was invited by multi-talented Director, Ko Kho to his private preview of a 13-part Symphony for Dance Drama, 'Set Sail' (启航) which is about the struggles of the Vietnamese boat people. Many of his guests were from the Arts circle. I have no idea how I ended on the invited list. :P

The event also featured a specially concocted 5-Element Fengshui Ice cream by Ms Sein Chan of Seventh Heaven for this launch. Hopefully the invited guests would receive loads of good luck during this difficult time. :D

One's birth date displays a certain weakness of the person. We were served ice-cream cocktail, followed by their main course. The dishes are concocted in accordance with the 5-Element (五行) philosophy.

Water Element - Sea Salt Black Forest Ice-cream Cocktail

I was recommended the Sea Salt Black Forest Ice-cream. It's the first time I taste a savoury ice-cream. The ice-cream is smooth and saltish. It's unique. I fell in love with their yummy crispy breadsticks dipped in its equally delicious anchovies in virgin olive oil.

Fire - Wild Berries and Hazelnut Ice-cream Cocktail

There were another two more ice-cream but I was too busy tasting the ice-cream and chatting with new-found friends. I forgot to take photos. haha..... *embarrassed*

The main course was a hot Chocolate Lava cake paired with Apricot Liquor Ice-cream. Surprisingly, the milk-based Apricot Village Liquor known as fen jiu (汾酒) and chocolate cake complements the elements of Metal and Water for businessmen in Asia. These are auspicious representations. It will be too long if I explain this fengshui report in this post. :)

Chocolate Lava Cake and Apricot Liquor ice-cream 雪中送炭 温馨(杏)人间

The liquor is too strong if taken on its own. Even though I was sipping it, I was overwhelmed by the strong liquor taste. But when I pour the liquor over the ice-cream, the combination is a fragrant and enjoyable dessert!

Made from Italian Amedei chocolate, the centre of the hot Lava cake is molten chocolate that melts your earthly desires. I was in Seventh Heaven. :)

Seventh Heaven is the first Singapore gourmet retail and events ice-cream company to offer customisation services. Their artisan, gourmet ice-cream is created from scratch by hand. The ice-cream is natural, no flavouring agents or chemicals are added.

Seventh Heaven
10, Raeburn Park #01-24

Mon-Thu 11am-8pm
Fri 11am-11pm
Sat 1pm-11pm
Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays

What is your dominant element?

To all ladies :

Happy International Women's Day

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