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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Horse Grass, Eat like a Horse!? - WW

Horse Grass 马草

Literally translated from Mandarin, this plant is called Horse Grass. It is fed not only to horses but sheep and goats. hehehe..... I don't know what its actual name is. :P

A search for a traditional cure for a diabetic friend led me to this farm located within D'Kranji Farm Resort in a far corner of Singapore.

The owner Mr Goh (60s), together with his wife and a partner, started planting this forage brought from Taiwan 4 months ago.

According to him, this horse grass has higher nutritional values, 5 times more than the common organic vegetables. It contains antioxidants believe to cut the risk of heart disease and cancer. Besides proteins and vitamins, higher levels of other beneficial minerals such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, manganese and zinc are found. Believed to be good for detoxifying the body of harmful radicals.

Two glasses of this drink daily could control the levels of diabetic and high blood pressure. People with frequent headaches or constipation could try this tea.

Mr Goh preparing the plant for brewing herbal tea

The harvested plants are washed and cut. Water is added to brew it for two and a half hours using firewood. Rock sugar is added to give some taste. For diabetic patients, do not add sugar.

Brewing the herbal tea using firewood

Mrs Goh was busy brewing the tea but attended to us and answered all our queries. I was offered the tea. It tasted like sugar cane.
The farm comes with a tiny shop in front and a kitchen. Mr Goh has turned part of it into a relaxing outdoor corner for friends and family.

Buy a chilled ready-brew bottle of the drink (S$2) or get a convenient pack (S$4.80) and brew it yourself at home.

You can email me for Mrs Goh's contact number if you want to make orders for their products.

Update :
For Malaysians, there is a farm selling Horse Grass in Ipoh. I don't know where, probably you can ask the residents of Ipoh.

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