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Monday, March 30, 2009

Warning! Stereotypes Ahead! - RT

res ipsa loquitar
res judicata
pro bono
ex parte
audi alteram partum

How many of these latin phrases do you understand? These are widely used in the practice of law and legal documents. I'm having a hard time pronuncing and memorising them.
*wails at long list*

Meanings of the phrases :
res ipsa loquitar - the thing speaks for itself

res judicata - the matter already judged

pro bono - for the public good

ex parte - from one party

audi alteram partum - hear the other side.
It is most often used to refer to the principle that no person should be condemned without a fair hearing in which the accused is given the opportunity to respond to the accusations against him.

Gavel, buzzer and bell

The gavel and bell are no longer used in a court proceeding.

Do judges and lawyers still wear white wigs in the court room?

Judges in Singapore do not wear wigs during court proceedings or on any ceremonial occasions. In 1995, the cumbersome ceremonial robes for Supreme Court Judges were replaced by lightweight robes which are more practical for our tropical climate.

The above are a few common myths and misconceptions that people often have about the courts and the law.

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