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Monday, March 16, 2009

Who Pushed Humpty Dumpty? - WW

The queues for each criminal trial enactment 'Who pushed Humpty?' were so long that I gave up after queuing for 40 minutes. I wanted to see the interior of the spaceship-like Court of Appeal. I would live a life of regrets if I did not attend this trial enactment, so I begged my way into one of the sessions. :P

Crime scene

Who Dun it? What happened to Humpty? How did he fall? Was there foul play involved?

Visitors got the lowdown on who saw what and where at the ‘Who Dun it’ visual exhibition.

I could not believe my eyes when I saw our normally solemn Supreme Court transform into a carnival with weird characters being tried at its courts. Photography was allowed. Visitors could even take a photo of themselves in a judge's robe and wig.

The normally solemn Supreme Court has a carnival atmosphere

As we try to uncover the truth of ‘Who Pushed Humpty?’, we met the line-up of motley suspects : Big Bad Wolf, Blind Mouse Satu and Little Red Riding Hood. There was a Detective Tan Coo Coo . :)

Who will face the long arm of the law? Is Big Bad Wolf really guilty?

We gained an insight into the events leading up to the fall, and read how the facts unravel as the criminal trial progresses.

We learn what takes place in the lead up to a criminal trial – the parties that are involved, the type of evidence that is adduced and how the judge arrives at his final verdict.

Identify the suspect

Little Red Riding Hood testifying

The criminal trial enactment took place in the largest courtroom within the Supreme Court – the Court of Appeal. Colourful 'witnesses' volunteered their versions of the “truth”. It was not only informative, it was a fun and entertaining trial.

This is a wonderful programme for the young and old as it is presented in a fun, interactive way. I learn more about our legal system; found out what some common misconceptions about the Courts are; witness what takes place during a court proceeding. I acquired some basic legal knowledge at the legal talks and enrich my mind by visiting the exhibitions!

Criminal Trial Enactment - 'Who Pushed Humpty?'
Date : 14 & 15 Mar 2009
Time: 30 minutes
Venue: Court of Appeal, Level 9

Verdict : Big Bad Wolf was acquitted because clumsy Humpty fell from the wall. :D

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